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Washington Clearing Drug Possession Charges?

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State v. Blake resulted in records being cleared for those convicted under Washington’s felony drug possession laws. The Supreme Court found the state’s ban on simple drug possession was unconstitutional because it didn’t require proof that a person knowingly possessed illegal drugs. Of course, the flaw in the law has been somewhat fixed by the… Continue Reading »

Increase in Traffic Offense Filings?

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Prosecutors in Washington State are cracking down on criminal traffic offenses due to a massive surge in traffic fatalities. Last year alone, fatalities were up 10.5% from 2020. Traffic fatality numbers were at their highest levels since 2005. Many blame this surge on the roadways getting filled up again after a precipitous decline in traffic… Continue Reading »

Is Driving While High Harmless?

Since the legalization of marijuana in some states, there has been a false perception that Driving While High is harmless. This in fact is not the case. There have been recent studies conducted that have determined that car crashes have increased after states have legalized marijuana. The Highway Loss Data Institute found that collision-insurance claims… Continue Reading »

Can the Judge Reject a Plea Agreement?

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The majority of criminal cases are resolved by way of a plea. In a negotiated plea agreement, a defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for concessions from prosecutors when it comes to sentencing. Courts also often encourage plea deals because they reduce backlogs, and judges typically abide by the deals. Especially, during the pandemic… Continue Reading »

DUI if I use Marjuana?

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Last week the Washington state Supreme Court confirmed that Washington drivers can be cited for driving under the influence for driving while high on Marijuana. The ruling found Washington’s per se laws for Marijuana were not based on an arbitrary and vague standard for THC levels in the blood. The justices, however, did acknowledge that… Continue Reading »

Who can’t do Community Court?

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Seattle Community Court will now officially have one less participant, the chronic offender. As blogged about last week, the City Attorney made a formal request that the Seattle Municipal Court exclude chronic offenders from its community court track. On Monday, the seven judges that sit for the Seattle Municipal Court agreed to honor her request.… Continue Reading »

Do I Lose My Right to Vote as a Convicted Felon?

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The United States constitution gives fundamental rights to all citizens of this great county. One of the fundamental rights of being an American citizen is getting your voice heard by voting to elect your representatives. But as of 2022 a little over six million citizens can not vote because of a felony conviction(s). One of… Continue Reading »

When Can an Officer Search My Vehicle?

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Law enforcement may ask to search your vehicle without a warrant even if they are not authorized to do so. That being said, a driver always have the right to say no, and illegal searches can be challenged later in court. However, if you consent to a search any evidence obtained may be used against… Continue Reading »

Punish or Rehabilitate?

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As Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison continues her efforts to crackdown on crime, it was announced last week that she made a formal request to the Seattle Municipal Court that her office be allowed to actually prosecute repeat offenders – as opposed to sending them to a community court.  Community Court was instituted as an… Continue Reading »

How Can I Get Arrested for Indecent Exposure?

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The law regarding indecent exposure differs greatly depending on the state that you live in. In Washington, it is considered indecent exposure when a person exposes his or her private parts in a public space, or in a place where other people are present. This can be an intentional exposure and sometimes even an accidental… Continue Reading »