Monthly Archives: May 2012

Mistrial Away

What is a mistrial? It isn’t an acquittal. It isn’t a dismissal. And it isn’t a conviction. So what is it? A mistrial is a trial that has been terminated prior to its normal conclusion. A mistrial has no legal effect and is considered an invalid trial; it differs from a “new trial,” which recognizes… Continue Reading »

Moped Driver Suspected of DUI

A 27-year-old man suffered serious injuries to his face after a car collided with his moped, said Seattle Police. Around 1:30a.m. Saturday morning the man was riding his moped northbound on 25th Avenue approaching the intersection at East Spring Street. Police say at the same time a 51-year-old man, driving a Chrysler New Yorker, was… Continue Reading »

Ex-Miss USA Sentenced

Last month Rima Fakih, the first Arab-American to be crowned Miss USA, pleaded no contest to a December driving while visibly impaired charge in Detroit, Michigan. Fakih faced a maximum penalty of 93 days in jail for the criminal charge. Sentencing in the case took place May 9, 2012. Suprisingly, Fakih avoided jail in the… Continue Reading »

Law Enforcement Personnel not Immune

As recently evidenced, those who enforce our laws sometimes may find themselves on the other side of the bench. Earlier this month a Seattle police officer plead not guilty to a charge of fourth-degree assault in Everett Municipal Court. The allegation stems from an arrest in what the Seattle Police Department described as an off-duty… Continue Reading »

Five Pound Bucket of Marijuana Seized

Seattle Police say that two people were arrested and a five-pound bucket of marijuana seized early Tuesday morning in Rainier Beach. According to Seattle Police Department (SPD) it was 12:22 a.m. on April 24th when officers stopped a car in the 9800 block of Renton Avenue South for running a red light. Just as the… Continue Reading »

DUI Suspect Fatally Shot

Getting arrested and charged for drunk driving or DUI is not insurmountable. Just being “arrested” doesn’t mean the person is going to be “convicted”. In many instances there are viable alternatives to having a lifelong drunk driving conviction. The best time to start pursuing these “alternatives” is after being released by the police, not during… Continue Reading »