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Is HB1994 Viable?

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House Bill 1994, if passed, would permit judges to set conditions in lower-level cases (like minor drug possession and criminal tresspass) that won’t include jail but instead would allow for treatment and possible dismissal if the person substantially complied with the terms of the program. Continue Reading »

What is Statute of Limitations?

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Every state imposes time limits for prosecutors to file criminal charges against defendants, to preserve evidence (both witnesses and physical evidence), and ensure an efficient judicial process. Time limits, or “statutes of limitation,” apply to all crimes, both misdemeanors and felonies. Generally speaking, the time period begins to run on the date when a crime is alleged to… Continue Reading »

Emphasis Patrols on I-5, Say What?

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The emphasis patrols were initiated because there have be a spat of calls regarding ‘shots fired’ on I-5. Continue Reading »

What are My Rights in Prison?

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The United States of America and its Constitution has guaranteed all inmates basic rights. If you are facing incarceration, or if you have a family member or friend who is in prison or jail, you should know about inmates’ rights.The rights of inmates include the following: 1) The right to humane facilities and conditions 2)… Continue Reading »

New Laws for 2024?

New laws were introduced with the ringing in of 2024. Continue Reading »

What is a Hate Crime?

In Washington state and many other states in the Country, hate crimes are violent actions intended to hurt and intimidate someone based on a protected characteristic. These characteristics include: Race, Ethnicity, National origin, Religious beliefs, Sexual orientation, Disability, Gender and Familial status. A crime involving force or threat of force becomes a civil rights violation… Continue Reading »

New Toxicology Lab?

New toxicology lab to expedite blood testing. Last month Governor Inslee commemorated the opening of the new lab in Federal Way; The new lab cost taxpayers about $4.5 million. Continue Reading »

What To Do When I Am Pulled Over?

Getting pulled over by law enforcement is intimidating and stressful. How you react and handle yourself during a traffic stop matters and can impact the outcome of the stop. Being pulled over can be stressful because it’s difficult to know what to expect. Most stops are routine and used to enforce minor traffic infractions, like illegal… Continue Reading »

Should they or Shouldn’t they?

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Should officers be permitted to review body camera footage before writing their reports and/or making statements to investigators? Continue Reading »