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Under the Government’s Thumb

No one who has the great privilege of living in the USA likes his or her freedom or liberties curtailed. In fact, freedom is potentially the single greatest benefit of living in the United States.  After all, freedom allows people the wonderful opportunity to “pursue the American Dream,” right? In Washington State if a person… Continue Reading »

There is an Investigation on the Horizon – LAWYER UP!

Often criminal cases involve police “investigations” before criminal charges are filed or even before an arrest takes place; this is so because many alleged crimes are not actually witnessed by law enforcement. Investigations can last hours, days, weeks, months or even years depending on the particular circumstances of the given situation. For instance, DUI’s in… Continue Reading »

Domestic Violence? Lawyer Up!

We all know that relationships can be tough. It is not likely that all relationships are perfect. Quite frankly, if every relationship were perfect, life would be rather boring and most assuredly mundane. Sometimes, however, lively relationships can involve arguments, some of which can become heated, and some of which result in things being said… Continue Reading »

An all out Assault on Assaults

There are a total of four “degrees” of Assault in Washington State — First, Second, Third and Fourth. First Degree Assault is the most offensive assault in Washington. Conversely, Fourth Degree Assault is the least offensive assault in Washington. Interestingly, under certain circumstances, a “self defense” claim can vitiate an assault allegation notwithstanding its degree.… Continue Reading »

Search and Seize the Truth

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects individuals against unreasonable governmental searches and seizures; the overriding purpose of the warrant requirement is to protect people’s privacy interests. Every person who lives in the United States has a reasonable expectation of privacy in his/her private affairs and property; generally, people have a reasonable expectation… Continue Reading »


What are the infamous “MIRANDA WARNINGS” that we all hear about on the TV and in the Movies? Miranda Warnings are the “heads up” that law enforcement is required to give so as to put a person suspected of committing crime on notice that his statements might incriminate him. Prior to any criminal interrogation, a… Continue Reading »

Facing a Washington State Criminal Allegation – Get your Questions Answered

When a person is stopped, cited, arrested and/or charged for allegedly committing a crime in the State of Washington he/ she invariably has a lot of questions. This is so because most people don’t find themselves having to deal with law enforcement and/ or the Washington State court system in any consistent manner. In fact,… Continue Reading »