Monthly Archives: January 2021

All the Rage

As the pandemic rages on in King County, so too do some types of crimes. Case in point – Car-jackings. They are up 40% in King County. Unfortunately, with this type of crime, violence is often involved. For example – last Saturday, shots were fired during an attempted carjacking and on Tuesday a man in… Continue Reading »

To Release or Not – a Judge’s Dilemma

Recently, a King County Court Judge released a suspect who allegedly admitted to being responsible for vandalizing a Starbucks coffee shop on President Biden’s inauguration night. The man allegedly admitted that he smashed windows and entered the Starbucks so as to earn the trust of the others in his group. The King County Prosecutor’s Office… Continue Reading »

Sticks and Stones?

Are hate crimes on the rise in King County? In 2020, the King County Prosecutor’s Office filed 56 hate crime cases. That was 17 more than 2019 and 26 more than 2018. And – unfortunately – it didn’t take long for 2021’s first hate crime to be filed in the county. On Wednesday, the King… Continue Reading »

Records, Records, Records

Many times over the past several years people have asked SQ Attorneys how they can access their King County court records. The answer is that the Court Clerk is the custodian of records for King County Superior and King County District Courts. The clerk is ultimately responsible for maintaining the records indefinitely, some records even… Continue Reading »