Monthly Archives: January 2011

Penalties Increased for Pimps and Johns

For eight months now Seattle criminal defense attorneys have been working under the principles of a new prostitution law in Washington State. In June 2010, the new prostitution law increased what a person may face if convicted of promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor – minor/teen prostitution. Because of the new legislation, such acts are now… Continue Reading »

Medical Marijuana in the Green?

Seattle criminal defense attorneys, medical marijuana patients, and even law enforcement agencies themselves, may soon see things get a tad-bit clearer for those folks who are affected by the Washington State medical marijuana treatment system. State law makers are in the process of debating over many major changes that would give patients greater protections from possible arrest for possessing… Continue Reading »

Failure to Object does not Equal Consent

Washington criminal defense attorneys were pleasantly surprised this week by a Washington State Supreme Court ruling that established that a citizen’s “failure to object” to a police officer’s entry into his home is not the same as “consenting” to a warrantless search of his home. The ruling was made on a case involving a 2004… Continue Reading »

DUI's without a .080 BAC

How can someone be charged or otherwise cited for DUI in Washington State if they don’t have a blood alcohol level over the legal limit? Just ask State Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos. Santos, a Seattle Democrat, was stopped and cited for DUI on July 20, 2010 after a Washington State Patrol trooper saw her car… Continue Reading »

Look what 2011 Blew in

The year 2011 has blown in, and with it a new Washington State law. Seattle DUI Attorneys can now advise prospective and actual clients alike, that Washington’s ignition interlock law has expanded the category of drivers who can actually apply for and be granted an ignition interlock license; the ignition interlock device tests for alcohol… Continue Reading »