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Due Process and Drivers Licenses?

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The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment ensures that a person cannot be punished without proper legal proceedings, including notice and a hearing. That applies to the suspension or revocation of driver’s licenses, as well. However, there are certain circumstances in which your driver’s license can be suspended without a notice or hearing. The… Continue Reading »

Will Sexual Assault Filings Increase?

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Seattle sexual assault cases are being ordered to ‘speed up’. Mayor Bruce Harrell has officially ordered that all felony cases (with enough evidence) be assigned to detectives for follow up by the end of next month. This mandate comes on the heels of frustrated advocates demanding a deadline for stalled sexual assault investigations. The executive… Continue Reading »

Shall I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

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Every day, drivers in Washington State are pulled over for committing civil traffic infractions. The question that is often asked is whether it is worth fighting the ticket? To simply answer this question, it is probably in the driver’s best interest to contest the infraction in order to avoid the infraction going on your driving… Continue Reading »

Tighter Gun Restrictions Coming?

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California recently enacted sweeping gun control laws. Can Washington be far behind? As they say, time will tell. California’s new gun control laws will restrict access to weapons, and will create an avenue for private citizens to sue the gun industry via Assembly Bill 1594, which established a ‘firearm industry standard of conduct,’ and allows… Continue Reading »

Are Abortions Illegal after Roe v. Wade?

Roe v. Wade has been overturned by the Supreme Court which has made abortion illegal under federal law. Although this will not impact residents of Washington in any way, there are states which would be enforcing the new law. For example, in Texas a “trigger law” had been in the books that went in to… Continue Reading »

Proverbs 101

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The ‘best laid plans …’ is a proverb usually said when something ends poorly despite a person’s best efforts to prepare for success. It is an abbreviated version of the full proverb “the best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray,” and it is certainly applicable to a recent fraud scheme that took place… Continue Reading »

Do Private Security Guards have Legal Authority to Make an Arrest?

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Throughout Washington State, you will see private security guards patrolling malls, banks and other businesses. For the most part, private security guards do not have the same authority as police officers. A security company is not a law enforcement agency. Other than assisting in medical emergencies and breaches of the peace, they basically have the… Continue Reading »

Are Summer Emphasis Patrols Back?

June DUI emphasis patrols kicked off Washington’s “100 Safe Days of Summer” campaign. The 2022 campaign involves law enforcement agencies deploying increased patrols throughout the summer to keep our roadways safe. The campaign is part of a collaboration with WSP’s Target Zero Task Force. It is aimed at explaining the dangers of summer driving and… Continue Reading »

Can I Possess a Gun?

Mass shootings have become a common occurrence in the United States. In most cases, family, friends, or acquaintances knew that the perpetrator was a troubled individual and had mental health issues. Death by suicide is the leading cause of death in the United States and the majority of these incidents involve guns. This has allowed… Continue Reading »