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Eligibility for Expungement

When expungement of an arrest or conviction is an option in a state or county, in most instances a person’s criminal record must meet certain standards in order to qualify for the process. Expungement eligibility usually depends on a number of factors, including: 1) The amount of time that has passed since the arrest or… Continue Reading »

Compounded Problem Abound

When things are bad, it is always a good idea to not compound the situation with another bad decision. Apparently, one Pennsylvania woman didn’t get the memo, as she was arrested for drunk driving after police say she showed up at their station ‘under the influence’ coming to pick up her boyfriend, who had also… Continue Reading »

TOWtally Unconstitutional

Last week the Washington State Supreme Court elected to uphold citizen privacy rights and struck down “Hailey’s Law” (RCW 46.55.360) as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. Prior to this landmark decision, anyone arrested in Washington State for driving under the influence (or physical control) automatically had their car impounded for a minimum of 12 hours.… Continue Reading »

Alternative Sentences

Sentences for a criminal conviction can take many forms, and a conviction doesn’t always mean a trip to jail or prison. Alternative sentences are sometimes offered and include different combinations of the following: a suspended sentence, probation, fines, restitution, community service and deferred adjudication/pretrial diversion. As an alternative to imprisonment, a judge can issue a… Continue Reading »

WSP Going Green

‘Go Green’ has been a big push in Washington State for years now, and at least one law enforcement agency is actively joining the movement. The Washington State Patrol has announced that it is buying three 2020 Ford Interceptor hybrid SUVs at approximately $45,850 a pop. The purchase is the first of its kind for… Continue Reading »

Acts of Collusion that Can Result in Crime

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines collusion as “secret cooperation for an illegal or dishonest purpose.” According to Black’s Law Dictionary, collusion is “a deceitful agreement or compact between two or more persons, for the one party to bring an action against the other for some evil purpose, as to defraud a third party of his right.” Definitions… Continue Reading »

Seattle Crime on the Clmb

It is no secret that the City of Seattle is having a heck of a time battling crime within its borders. In fact, a recent report commissioned by business associations in Ballard, Sodo and Downtown evidences that now – more than ever – Seattle workers and residents are being harmed by failures of Seattle’s criminal… Continue Reading »

Overview of Murder 2

Second degree murder is defined as intentional murder that lacks premeditation and is intended to only cause bodily harm while demonstrating an extreme indifference to human life. The exact legal definition of this particular crime varies by the State and jurisdiction in which the offense is committed. While some states don’t use the term “second-degree… Continue Reading »

It is All in the Pose

Some people pose for photos. Others pose as something they are not, but perhaps wish they were. It should go without saying, but … the latter ‘posing’ can sometimes get a person in trouble, as one man in New York recently found out. On a steamy day this past August, the aforementioned man was posing… Continue Reading »