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Criminal Lawyer – Prostitution

Drive down Aurora Ave. in Seattle, WA and you will see prostitution. Engaging in prostitution is illegal in the U.S. except for some areas of Nevada. An individual can be charged with prostitution if they offer to provide sexual services in exchange for compensation, while the person who pays for the services can be charged… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyers – Indepedent Review a Must

SQ Attorneys

As SQ Attorneys has previous noted in blog posts, the Washington State Toxicology Lab has had some issues with onsite contamination over the past several years. The lab does blood testing for the entire State of Washington. The lab’s work is relied upon by prosecutors in the processing of their DUI cases and other drug… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – Theft Defined

Oh shoot! You walk outside to start your work day and notice that your car is no where to be found. Your car has been stolen! This is known as a theft or more specifically in the state of Washington theft of a motor vehicle. A theft occurs when a person takes another’s property with… Continue Reading »

Criminal Attorneys – Commutation is All the Rage

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A week ago, Governor Jay Inslee commuted the sentences of more than 125 people on community supervision. The Governor’s actions related to folks whose drug convictions were previously deemed unconstitutional by the Blake ruling, which was handed down in February by our State Supreme Court. In Blake, the court overturned Washington’s felony drug possession statute.… Continue Reading »

Assault Lawyer – What is Probation?

Upon a conviction in misdemeanor court, or sometimes known as courts of limited jurisdiction, defendants are often times placed on probation. Probation allows a person convicted of a crime the chance to remain in the community instead of going to jail. Probation requires that you comply with certain court-ordered rules and conditions under the supervision… Continue Reading »

DV Lawyer – Forfeiture by Wrongdoing

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Generally, when a defendant has been prosecuted for a crime, she has the Sixth Amendment right to confront witnesses who testify against her. In other words, a Defendant gets to question the prosecution’s witnesses on the stand, before the trier of fact – the jury. The idea is to ensure that the trier of fact… Continue Reading »

DUI Lawyer – A New Bill in the Making?

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An infrastructure bill awaiting a pivotal vote in the US Senate would require new cars to have technology to detect drunk drivers. Backers of the bill claim the anti-drunken driving provisions would drastically reduce the number of automotive deaths that occur on our U.S. roadways. The provisions of the proposed bill order NHTSA to study… Continue Reading »

Seattle Criminal Lawyer – Disorderly Conduct Laws

In the State of Washington, disorderly conduct laws are in place to make unruly or obnoxious conduct illegal in public. These types of laws can include anything from disturbing the peace to public intoxication. Under Washington state law, disorderly conduct falls under the umbrella of a “public disturbance” and can arise out of many different… Continue Reading »

Washington Gambling Laws

Gambling regulations for how games are to be operated and whether it is legal or not, is controlled at the state level. While many states have banned gambling altogether, dog racing, horse racing and casino gambling on Indian reservations remain popular throughout the country. Washington gambling laws allow licensed casinos on Indian reservations only, while… Continue Reading »

Traffic Lawyers – Distracted Driving

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Over the next two weeks law enforcement officers are going to spend extra time focused on looking for distracted drivers. The emphasis patrols started the week of July 28th and will run through the first week of August. This emphasis is part of the uniquely named Driving Under the Influence of Electronics law, passed in… Continue Reading »