Monthly Archives: October 2011

Re-Licensing Court!

Nearly 300,000 Washington drivers have had their licenses suspended for not paying multiple traffic tickets, and if they want to get them back, they have to run a gauntlet that includes collection agents and a patchwork system of courts. Many have now turned to King County re-licensing court to begin to dig out of the… Continue Reading »

Gun Restrictions Signed into Law by California's Governor

Amid heavy opposition from gun enthusiasts, the State of California recently became the fifth state to prohibit openly carrying handguns in public. Is the State of Washington far behind? California’s bill makes it a misdemeanor to carry an exposed and unloaded handgun in public or in vehicles. Violators could face up to a year in… Continue Reading »

SPD Officer Arrested for Domestic Violence

A sergeant with the Seattle Police Department’s Domestic Violence Unit was arrested over the weekend for investigation of domestic violence after an incident during Leavenworth’s annual Oktoberfest, according to the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office. If arrested for a crime contact your Seattle Criminal Lawyer at SQ Attorneys immediately. The officer, who was identified by the… Continue Reading »

California's New Prison Realignment Law

In early October, the State of California passed a revamped sentencing law. California’s revised sentencing law will send those convicted of nonviolent or non-serious crimes to county jails instead of state prison; it is a change designed to save the state money and is aimed at reducing inmate over-crowding. Interestingly, California lawmakers had to move… Continue Reading »

iPhone DUI Apps

After pressure from four U.S. senators, Apple Inc. has said it will start rejecting iPhone applications that tip drivers off about police checkpoints for drunken driving. Apple updated its app developer guidelines Wednesday to exclude such apps. On Thursday, some DUI apps were still available in the App Store, but Apple usually gives developers a… Continue Reading »

DUI Numbers ever Increasing

DUI’s happen all over the United States, not just in Washington State. And all states seem to be cracking down on people who drink and drive under the influence. Case in point is an Ohio case in which a veteran media executive and former Tribune Co. CEO was recently charged with drunken driving and driving… Continue Reading »

Rubber Stamp Sergeant Retires

A Seattle police sergeant who built a stellar career before an internal investigation found misconduct in his supervision of drunken-driving arrests has retired after being told the department planned to fire him. Sgt. David Abe’s retirement was disclosed by sources briefed on the matter. A Seattle police spokesman, Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, confirmed Monday that Abe… Continue Reading »

One Eventful Night

On Friday morning, October 7, 2011, a man in his 20’s was arrested for being involved in a wrong-way crash and thereafter allegedly trying to flee by attempting to overtake a taxi cab. The event allegedly occurred in Seattle around 2 a.m. in the morning; it is alleged that the man’s car collided with another… Continue Reading »

Former UW Football Player Sentenced to 1 Year for DUI

Reggie Rogers, a former Washington football standout and NFL defensive lineman, has been given another year in jail for his sixth conviction for drunken driving. Rogers was arrested in November at Highway 509 and Port of Tacoma Road in Tacoma. Rogers, 45, will begin serving his latest sentence out of Tacoma in January, after he… Continue Reading »

Bus Driver charged with DUI

DUI laws across the country are becoming more punitive each and every legislative session. The stated intent behind the government’s crackdown is to protect the general public from preventable harm. Such as in the case of a New Hampshire school bus driver who is now facing drunken driving charges after police say she struck a… Continue Reading »