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Do Election Workers Need More Protection?

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Our Washington State Legislature is in the throws of considering a bill that would increase protections for election workers from being harassed. It is House Bill 1241, and it will ensure that threats and harassment suffered by election workers will be handled the same regardless of how they are received, whether by email or directly… Continue Reading »

Can a Parent be Liable for their Child’s Actions?

With Spring break fast approaching, about 1.5 million students will spend their week traveling to popular seaside locations like Cancun, Panama City, and South Padre Island, where they will bask in the sun and consume copious amounts of alcohol. Alcohol goes hand in hand with poor choices. Many parents will learn of the consequences of… Continue Reading »

Stronger Domestic Violence Protections on the Horizon?

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House Bill 1715 is moving forward, as it has now passed out of committee in the Washington State House of Representatives. The bill is aimed at enhancing existing services and protections for domestic violence victims. The main components of the bill include starting up a lethality assessment hotline, strengthening civil protection orders, expanding GPS monitoring… Continue Reading »

Has Self-Checkout Increased Retail Theft?

For shoplifters, there are a variety of reasons why consumers see self-checkout lanes as an easy mark. Some feel morally justified in stealing small items. “If I’m doing the work, and they won’t even bother to pay cashiers, why not?” is a common rationale. Other consumers may feel emboldened by the lack of security and… Continue Reading »

Will At-Home Sexual Assault Kits be Banned?

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House Bill 1564, a bill that would prohibit the sale of over-the-counter sexual assault evidence kits, is being considered by Washington lawmakers. This is so because advocates, nurses, prosecuting attorneys and police alike have voiced concerns that the kits tend to offer false hope to victims of sexual assault, which in turn impedes criminal investigations… Continue Reading »

What is the Difference Between Civil and Criminal Cases?

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The American legal system addresses the wrongdoings that people commit with two different types of cases: civil and criminal. Generally speaking, crimes are offenses against the state, even if the immediate harm is done to an individual. Accordingly, they are prosecuted by the state. On the other hand, civil cases typically involve disputes between parties regarding… Continue Reading »

Retail Theft on the Rise?

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With thefts on the rise, some retailers have elected to ratchet security measures up a bit. Over the past six months stores such as CVS, Target, Rite Aid and Walmart have resorted to locking up more everyday items like deodorant and laundry detergent in the hopes of curbing the rising number of thefts in their… Continue Reading »

Can I Drink as a Passenger?

Everyone with a driver’s license and privilege to drive in their respective state should know that motorists are not permitted to drive while under the influence of alcohol or other impairing drugs. However, a different question arises with regard to restrictions on a passenger who wants to drink alcohol in a car. In most states,… Continue Reading »

Blood Alcohol Limits to be Reduced?

As many may now know, Washington State Senators have proposed a bill to lower the state’s legal blood alcohol limit for drivers. Currently it is .08%. They propose lowering the legal limit to .05%. They also have voiced concern over the yearlong backlog of blood tests at the state’s toxicology lab. This is so, because… Continue Reading »