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No Respect? It Can Make a Difference!

In a trial the credibility and integrity of a witness is everything. This is especially true in a prosecutor’s case that relies solely on the testimony of an officer. Over the past weeks, months and years, the credibility of Seattle Police officers has come into question. This is attributable to cases like the one filed… Continue Reading »

The Noose may be Getting a bit More Snug

Due to the incredibly stiff DUI laws here in Washington that require ignition interlocks for all DUI offenders seeking to drive, nearly 20,000 Washington residents use alcohol sensing devices to drive their vehicles. That very fact makes Washington state one of the top five states for interlock use in the country. This comes after years… Continue Reading »

Overcrowding in County Jail

Overcrowding in the Kitsap County Jail is forcing officials to change the standards about who stays behind bars and who gets released. Anyone arrested in Kitsap County is still booked into jail, but depending on the suspected crimes, some are being released without bail. The jail can operate with 421 inmates, but the population is… Continue Reading »

Memorial Day DUI Emphasis Patrols

Seattle interim police chief Jim Pugel has made it crystal clear, “the days of the police just giving you a ride home if you’re caught drunk driving are long over – if you drink and drive, you will be arrested”. The holiday DUI emphasis patrols are off and running; the Seattle Police Department will ramp… Continue Reading »

Star or Not, The Consequences can be Life Altering

As many Husky football fans know, the Dawg’s star tight end, Austin Sefarian Jenkins, was cited for DUI on March 9, 2013. Obviously the implications of his arrest not only potentially affect his Husky playing career, but his professional football career as well. Little did he know that within a month of his arrest, there… Continue Reading »

Social Media and the Law

Social Media is all the rage and continues to grow in popularity every day. Privacy protections, as it relates to social media, are also something that must continue grow. In line with this philosophy, Washington recently became the fifth state this year to sign into law protections surrounding social-media passwords at the workplace and at… Continue Reading »

Caution Advised – Wear Belts, Put Down Phones

It has been noted in the paper and run as a TV commercial – through June 2, 2013, King County law enforcement agencies (both State and Municipalities) are deploying extra patrols to look for unbuckled drivers and passengers and drivers who are using their cell phones while commuting. Many Pierce County law enforcement agencies are… Continue Reading »

DV Stands for Arrest

Get into an argument with a former girlfriend or spouse and chances are you are going to be arrested for domestic violence. That is exactly what happened to former Rainier Beach, now NBA basketball star, Terrence Williams. He was arrested this past Sunday for allegedly threatening with a gun a woman who claims to be… Continue Reading »

Federal Government Looks to Toughen DUI Limit

Federal accident investigators are weighing a recommendation that states reduce their threshold for drunken driving from the current .08 blood alcohol content to .05, a standard that has been shown to substantially reduce highway deaths in other countries. The lower threshold was one of a series of recommendations aimed at reducing drunken driving made by… Continue Reading »

To Charge or Not to Charge …

North Bend Mayor Ken Hearing is not being charged for allegedly hitting his wife with a golf club. The King County Prosecutor’s Office based its decision not to file charges on: (1) the mayor’s wife’s desire not to assist in the prosecution; (2) the wife’s drunken demeanor when police officers arrived on scene; (3) inconsistencies… Continue Reading »