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Domestic Violence; Self Defense

In the relatively recent domestic violence case of City of Tacoma v. Driscoll (Wash. Ct. App. Mar. 22, 2016), The Court of Appeals, Division II reversed a conviction, and remanded the case for a new trial because it found that the lower court violated the defendant’s right to present a defense when it excluded the… Continue Reading »

Who Files?

Many Washingtonians think that they, as citizens, have an absolute right to press – or not – criminal charges against another person. Unfortunately, this simply is not the case. That said, it is true that a police officer who responds to a domestic violence related incident is, by law, required to complete a police incident report… Continue Reading »

Top 10 List

Have you ever wondered where the most DUI arrests arise out of? Although a DUI can take place virtually anywhere on our Washington roadways, there are some locales that seem to be more prone to DUI’s than others. Interestingly, DUI arrestees in Washington (for the period ranging from January 2012 to mid-May 2016) most often… Continue Reading »