Monthly Archives: January 2012

Legislative Immunity – Should it be Allowed?

A little-known privilege called “legislative immunity” that prevents arrests of legislators is getting a closer look in the state of Arizona this year after a lawmaker introduced a resolution seeking to amend Arizona’s Constitution to delete wording that bars the arrest of legislators during, and 15 days before, legislative sessions. Arizona’s legislative immunity law, like… Continue Reading »

A Shift in Prostitution Strategy

The City of Seattle is shifting its strategy on cracking down on prostitution within its city limits. The Seattle City Attorney’s Office intends to increase the number of men prosecuted for soliciting prostitution and give prostitutes the opportunity to receive social services designed to help get them out of the prostitution business. Currently, the ratio… Continue Reading »

Christmas Weekend DUI's down from Last Year

Although Washington State DUI numbers seem to be ever increasing, the numbers of drunken drivers arrested by the Washington State Patrol over the Christmas weekend holiday were actually down. The Washington State Patrol arrested 161 drivers suspected of being impaired by drugs and/or alcohol over that period. That is down from 194 arrests during the… Continue Reading »