Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Dreaded NCO

  As previously discussed in one of our many blog postings, under RCW 10.31.100(2)(c), if the police arrive within four hours of a domestic violence related 911 call, they must arrest at least one person. Thereafter, it is generally a ‘rubberstamp’ that a criminal charge will be filed against the arrested person. At the defendant’s… Continue Reading »

DUI Mandatory Penalties

Washington DUI sentencing courts are required to impose certain conditions when a person is convicted of a DUI. Some conditions are affirmative (i.e., pay fines, complete an alcohol evaluation, participate in alcohol treatment, and attend DUI victims panel), and others are prohibitive (i.e., don’t commit law violations, don’t consume alcohol, don’t drive without an ignition interlock).… Continue Reading »

Nonpartisan or Partisan?

Did you know that the King County prosecutor has been a Republican since 1948? That is a bit mind-boggling considering that King County is otherwise dominated by Democrats, not Republicans. Heck, Barack Obama won 69 percent of the King County vote in 2012. This ‘fact’ leads to an interesting question – should the King County… Continue Reading »