Monthly Archives: April 2020

It is All or Nothing

It is now official – ALL states must have a unanimous jury verdict in order to convict someone. Although Washington State was one of the 48 states that already required such a finding (as well as all Federal Courts), who knows what would have happened if the US Supreme Court found differently on the issue.… Continue Reading »

S*^T Out of Luck – SOL

As all Seattle DUI and Seattle criminal defense attorneys know, every case has a filing period known as a Statue of Limitations (“SOL”).  If a criminal case is not filed within that time period, the case cannot ever be filed by the government. The SOL on misdemeanors is 1 year, on gross misdemeanors 2 years,… Continue Reading »

Declining Crime Rates?

Has there been a spike or decline in crime since the governor of Washington issued his ‘stay home, stay healthy’ order in March of this year?  It seems the answer depends on location and/or type.  Both the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff’s Office say that crimes like shoplifting, car prowling and general theft… Continue Reading »

Taboo Tattoo – No Longer

There once was a time that tattoos were taboo – especially for government employees.  In essence a ‘deal breaker’ for employment. The State of Pennsylvania has softened that stance … at least as it relates to their state troopers and prospective cadets.  As of last month, Pennsylvania state troopers and cadets may have tattoos on… Continue Reading »