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PC v. BYRD; What Gives?

The arrest of WSU football player Shalom Luani and its aftermath is an excellent example of the difference between the concepts of ‘probable cause’ and ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. Mr. Luani was arrested for assault after being involved in an incident at a pizza joint in Pullman, Washington. WSU coach Mike Leach has always maintained… Continue Reading »

A Little Checks-and-Balances Does the Body Good

It is said that a recent proposed King County budget cut would slash $22 million in spending; most of which would hit the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the King County Sheriff’s Office the hardest. Under the proposed budget, the Prosecutor’s Office faces $2 million in cuts while the Sheriff’s Office would lose about… Continue Reading »

Sentencing Alternatives

Every day in courts throughout the United States, defendants are sentenced to crimes. Many times the defendant will be sentenced to jail or prison, and sometimes the respective Judge may impose jail alternatives. Sentences for a criminal conviction can take many forms, and a conviction doesn’t always mean a trip to jail or prison. Alternative… Continue Reading »

What Must Happen Before An Arrest Can Be Made?

Did you get arrested recently? Are you feeling as if your rights have been violated? The fact of the matter is, when the police arrest someone, they take away that person’s fundamental right to freedom. As a result there are several procedures the police must follow before they can make a legal arrest so that… Continue Reading »

A Companion Detention

Word to the wise – if you are hanging with someone and they are stopped and investigated for a crime, you too can briefly be detained if law enforcement thinks it is necessary to ensure the safety of others while they secure the scene. This is so because recently our state Supreme Court said it was so.… Continue Reading »

What Happens on Probation?

So you have just pled guilty and are being sentenced to probation. Has your lawyer advised you on what probation is and what will be required of you? Probation is the suspension of a jail sentence that allows a person convicted of a crime a chance to remain in the community, instead of going to… Continue Reading »

Get that Assessment

One thing that is universally required if you are charged and convicted of a DUI (or a reduced charge like Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving) in Washington is an alcohol/ drug assessment conducted by a state-certified alcohol and drug treatment agency. Generally on a first offense related DUI the assessment will likely result in an… Continue Reading »

SR-22 Questions Answered

The attorneys at SQ Attorneys are frequently asked, ‘how will a Seattle DUI charge affect vehicle insurance?’. Well that is a very good question and one that deserves a thoughtful answer. So here it goes … three years of SR-22 is an absolute requirement that the Department of Licensing (DOL) imposes upon Washington State drivers… Continue Reading »

Child Pornography Cases

SQ Attorneys has represented a wide array of defendants who have been charged with serious sex offenses. Possession of child pornography is a crime which carries serious mandatory conditions which could include prison time, along with having to register as a sex offender. Federal and state laws make it a crime to produce, possess, distribute,… Continue Reading »