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Changes to Washington’s Protection Order Laws?

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In July of this year major changes in our civil protection order laws took effect. The laws that pertain to protection orders can now be found at RCW 7.105. Under our new protection order laws, the rules and procedures have become more standardized. Electronic service is now prioritized except in certain delineated cases. Hearings related… Continue Reading »

How Does Bail Work?

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Bail reform has been a hot political issue the last few election cycles. Supporters of cash bail bonds say they provide assurance that defendants will appear in court while others  say that too often, defendants simply can’t afford the bail, and it does little more than criminalize poverty. While a few states have taken steps… Continue Reading »

Stricter Gun Laws?

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Criminal Defense Lawyers – Oregon voters recently approved one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. The measure is now being challenged in the federal courts as unconstitutional because it allegedly violates the Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms“. The lawsuit seeks to prevent the Oregon measure from taking effect at… Continue Reading »

What Happens to a Minor that Shoplifts?

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Statistics around the United States show the majority of shoplifting incidents involved minors. It may seem like shoplifting is a minor infraction and no big deal since these big corporations have the resources and inventory to “stock up”, but certainly is not the case. The crime of shoplifting, whether from a giant department store or… Continue Reading »

What is Required for Gun Storage in Seattle

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Gun violence has been a lightning rod issue for many years now. As a consequence, the government has continually tried to figure out ways to stem violence caused by guns. Any time we at SQ Attorneys have a potential client see us about gun related charges, we have to emphasize how seriously… Continue Reading »

What are the laws regarding underage drinking?

Each and every state have a legal drinking age of 21 years of age.In the1980s, the federal government passed a law forcing states that wanted federal money for highways to prohibit anyone younger than 21 from purchasing alcohol. Some state laws make exceptions for underage drinking in special cases. These exceptions typically include when the… Continue Reading »

When Can I vacate a Washington Felony

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Inquiring minds want to know when a felony can be vacated. In Washington State one need look no further than RCW 9.94A.640. That statute states that certain types of felony convictions can be vacated at some point down the proverbial road. But when, pray tell? And what is required? According to RCW 9.94A.640 one must… Continue Reading »

What is Self-Defense?

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The affirmative defense called of self-defense is often brought it in assault cases in criminal law . As a general rule, you have the legal right to use force to protect yourself against physical violence if you reasonably believe someone poses an imminent threat of bodily harm to you. If you are in reasonable fear… Continue Reading »