Theft and Larceny

SQ Attorneys Theft and LarcenyTheft and Larceny can be either a Felony or a Gross Misdemeanor in the State of Washington.

Washington State Law defines Theft and/or Larceny as the following:

Theft and larceny, in essence, is the unlawful taking of something from someone else.  A Theft or Larceny becomes a Robbery when the use of physical force or threatened use of physical force occurs in the commission of the Theft/ Larceny.  In essence, Robbery is a form of aggravated Larceny in Washington State; it can include a combination of Assault and/or Battery, plus Larceny.

Prosecutors often charge an individual with the crime of Robbery even though in reality the act resembles a Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Theft (shoplifting) or a Larceny incident.  Convictions for Robbery, Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Theft (shoplifting), and/or Larceny can dramatically affect one’s future employment and credit history because these types of crimes are considered “crimes of dishonesty“; these types of charges can carry huge penalties, including significant fines and jail/ prison time.   It is important, therefore, when faced with a criminal charge to find a hard-hitting, skilled and experienced Seattle criminal defense lawyer who can effectively and aggressively fight for your rights and interests.  A good criminal defense lawyer in Seattle will have insight into how prosecutors handle Robbery, Burglary, Criminal Trespass and Theft/ Larceny cases.  SQ Attorneys is a hard-hitting, highly skilled and experienced criminal defense firm that is extremely effective at getting its clients the best and most just and equitable result possible, so as to ensure the least amount of impact on their personal and professional lives.

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