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Can I Expunge My DUI Conviction?

  A driving under the influence (DUI) arrest and conviction can have a negative impact on one’s ability to secure a job, get a student loan, rent an apartment or apply for credit, even if it seems completely unrelated or happened many years ago. Criminal record expungement laws vary from state to state. Some states… Continue Reading »

Raising Penalty for Drug Possession?

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On the final day of our Washington State legislative session, the House voted down a last-minute deal to maintain a criminal penalty for drug possession and boost funding for treatment.  Undoubtedly, this leaves Washington’s drug laws in question.  The current law (passed after a significant state Supreme Court ruling) invalidated Washington’s felony drug possession law… Continue Reading »

What Are The Different Types of Infractions?

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Traffic offenses that are issued by law enforcement are generally referred to as infractions. Infractions do not usually carry the same stigma and penalties as serious criminal offenses. But certain traffic-related offenses are categorized as “misdemeanors” or even “felonies”, and can result in more significant fines, loss of driving privileges, or even imprisonment. Generally speaking,… Continue Reading »

Ruses Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

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Are Seattle police going to be forced to limit and/or eliminate their use of deceptive practices in policing? City leaders look to make it so, yes. And last month SPD submitted a draft policy to the police union. Curiously, however, city leaders don’t feel the proposed policies go far enough. Continue Reading »

Can I Be Re-Tried for the Same Criminal Offense?

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Many people may have heard the term “double jeopardy” at some point but the question that arises is, what does it mean? The protection against double jeopardy keeps criminal defendants from facing prosecution more than once for the same offense (with a few exceptions). Once jeopardy attaches and a criminal case begins, this protection can… Continue Reading »

Voting Rights Restored?

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In 2022, the right to vote was automatically restored to Washington felons upon their release from incarceration. Before this, felons didn’t necessarily have their voting rights restored upon leaving prison. Instead, they could regain their voting rights after finishing the conditions of their sentence, such as community supervision terms. Such periods could last months and… Continue Reading »

What Should I Do When I Am Pulled Over?

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Lets get back to basics. What should you do when you suddenly see flashing lights and notice a police officer behind you. The first step is to pull over quickly and safely, letting the police officer know you understand and are complying. Use your signals and pull as far to the right shoulder as you… Continue Reading »

What is a Hate Crime?

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Under Washington state law, a person commits a hate crime if he, she or they injures or threatens someone (or destroys another’s property) because of perceptions of that person’s race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, gender, or mental, physical, or sensory disability. Essentially, if you do something to… Continue Reading »

What is an Indictment?

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Donald Trump has been indicted by the grand jury and is now set to be arraigned on Tuesday. So what is an indictment and how does it differ from a criminal complaint filed by a prosecutor? What is the burden of proof for obtaining an indictment? And do federal indictments differ from those in state… Continue Reading »

Worth the Price?

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From the annals of ‘don’t take justice into your own hands’ comes a story about a vigilante who may have gone a step too far. The Seattle man took “extraordinary steps” to evade capture for five months after an October car chase, he initiated and a subsequent shooting that killed one man and injured a… Continue Reading »