Monthly Archives: August 2014

'Prior Offense' Definition Expanded

Earlier this year a major change in Washington State DUI law occurred. The bill responsible for the change was SB 6413, which drastically altered what can be considered a “prior offense” when it comes to DUI sentencing. Prior to this change, if you were arrested for a DUI your sentence generally was determined by the… Continue Reading »

Search Until Your Heart is Content

We at SQ Attorneys are often asked if case information can be looked up on-line. Well in Seattle Municipal Court, and the King County District Courts and Superior Courts the answer is a simple ‘yes’. Effective June 24, 2014, Seattle Municipal Court started its electronic filing program. A person can now look up case documents… Continue Reading »

The mad(d) consequences of DUI

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is spearheading legislative changes to increase penalties for drunk drivers. Since its founding in 1980, MADD has continued to raise awareness about drunk driving and has pushed through legislation to penalize drunk drivers. Since the founding of MADD, drunk driving deaths have been reduced by approximately half. However, it is… Continue Reading »

Beware – DUI/ BUI Seafair Crackdown

August is upon us. The Blue Angels are in town. SeaFair is here. And that means another round of increased efforts to remove impaired folks from our roadways and our waterways in and around the Puget Sound region. People who choose to spend the weekend on our roadways and our waterways should be well aware… Continue Reading »