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Drivers' License Suspension Leads to Blow-and-Go

When dealing with the consequences of a Washington state DUI what a layman may not quite understand is that part of any DUI sentence is the absolute requirement of obtaining and maintaining an ignition interlock device. The device, in layman’s terms, is called a ‘blow-and-go’ (hereinafter, “IID”). It is a device a driver has to… Continue Reading »

Benefits of a Plea Deal

We at SQ Attorneys have often been asked, ‘why would a prosecutor cut a plea deal on my case; why don’t I just plead guilty and get this over with?’ Although there may be several reasons a prosecutor may want to resolve a case rather than take the case before a jury, the most obvious… Continue Reading »

CDL at Risk when DUI

It is common knowledge that drivers of commercial motor vehicles must possess a special license entitled a ‘commercial driver’s license’ (commonly referred to as a ‘CDL’) in order to operate the commercial motor vehicle. What may not be so obvious, however, is that a DUI can impact a person’s right to possess and retain a CDL. In truth, a… Continue Reading »

Probation – Being Under the Court's Thumb

The law requires that you receive a set of penalties when convicted of a crime. Such penalties generally include fines and jail time. Many crimes, however, also include another penalty – probation. Probation essentially is a set of conditions that a defendant has to abide by for a period of time. They are issued by… Continue Reading »

How Success is Achieved

In Washington State there are commonly two ways a prosecutor tries to prove someone drove while under the influence of alcohol. First, they try to prove the defendant was DUI by the tried-and-true  ‘totality of the circumstances’; I refer to this as the ‘throw the bowl of noodles against the wall and see what sticks’ approach.… Continue Reading »