Monthly Archives: February 2014

Another DUI Bill Moving Forward to the House of Representatives

Washington state prosecutors who handle DUI cases may be able to seek harsher sentences under a bill passed by the Senate on Friday February 14, 2014. The new legislation expands the types of prior offenses that can be used in sentencing, and gives a more comprehensive picture of an offender’s criminal past. Senator Joe Fain… Continue Reading »

Horrible Tragedy Leads to Conviction. Just? Fair?

Prospective clients often incredulously ask “how is it that the government can charge me with, let alone even convict me of, a crime?” The law can be funny that way; the law does not always seem just or fair. Take the following example, some may say the outcome is just and even fair … others… Continue Reading »

Lawmakers Seeking to expand felony DUI definition

Washington state lawmakers are again pursuing money for more DUI law changes.  In January a Senate committee held a hearing on Senate Bill 6090.  They are contemplating on making DUI a felony the fourth time it is committed, rather than on the fifth time it is committed. It’s the most high-profile of several bills recently… Continue Reading »

Target Zero Task Force zeroing in on Super Bowl Sunday

The Washington State Patrol Target Zero program’s goals will be in full force and effect come Super Bowl Sunday. If your Super Bowl game plan involves alcohol, plan ahead for a safe ride home. Law enforcement agencies across Kent and King County will deploy additional officers this Super Bowl weekend to keep impaired drivers off the… Continue Reading »