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Amnesty not the Only Answer?

SQ Attorneys

Earlier this month new California legislation was proposed that would forbid courts from suspending a person’s driver’s license simply because that person can’t pay her tickets or fines. This is a policy that SQ Attorneys thinks would also fit well in Washington State. This is so because the current policy disproportionately targets low-income drivers and can send people… Continue Reading »

Criminal Trial Process

This past week, SQ Attorneys prepared for trial on a criminal assault 4th degree domestic violence charge. The Constitution guarantees a right to a trial by a jury of our peers in all criminal prosecutions from minor offenses to the most serious. The jury is charged with finding the facts of a case and after… Continue Reading »

Lights, Camera … Action!

SQ Attorneys

In following up with one of our recent posts about Seattle Police Officer (‘SPD‘) body cameras, we at SQ Attorneys note that SPD has now officially begun the testing of body cameras. As of late December 2016, a select group of SPD bicycle officers are now using body cameras while on duty. It is anticipated… Continue Reading »

Drug Charges in the Criminal Justice System

Drug offenses are some of the most common criminal charges filed within the criminal justice system. The Federal and State drug possession laws make it a crime to willfully possess illegal controlled substances such as marijuana (with exception to certain states), methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, heroin and other controlled substances. These laws also criminalize the possession… Continue Reading »

Distracted Driving About to Encompass more Acts

SQ Attorneys

On Tuesday January 17, 2017, a House bill was filed that would, among other things, make it illegal to hold a smart phone, tablet, or other communications device while driving in the State of Washington. The legislation basically says that if operating a phone or device takes more than one finger, then it had better… Continue Reading »

Pretrial Procedure

Every day, the media reports on big high profile criminal trials that make for great TV drama. We watch movies and TV shows depicting intense, exaggerated trials but the beginning of a trial is often left off of the script. One may often wonder how charges are actually brought and what happens between the arrest… Continue Reading »

Say Cheese!

SQ Attorneys

The Seattle Police Department (the “SPD”) is now closer than ever to using body cameras while enforcing city, state and federal laws. Many folks seem to think body cameras have already been in use in Seattle, but that is simply not the case. When a Seattle police officer says ‘… you are being … video recorded… Continue Reading »

Sentencing After Guilty Conviction

Judge will decide on the appropriate punishment during the sentencing phase of a criminal case after a defendant has pled guilty or has been found guilty at trial. This is otherwise known as the sentence. Sentencing for criminal offenses can range from probation and community service to prison and even the death penalty. Sentencing usually… Continue Reading »

Tragedy Serves as a Reminder

SQ Attorneys

In reflecting upon the fatal hit-and-run tragedy that took place near Green Lake on Sunday evening (see January 6, 2017 Seattle Times article: ‘Hit-run suspect had victim’s grocery cart stuck to grille, charges say’) it is important to remind oneself of his or her duties when involved in a vehicle accident. To that end, we… Continue Reading »

What is Probation??

Probation is the suspension of a jail sentence that allows a person convicted of a crime a chance to remain in the community, instead of going to jail. Probation requires that you follow certain court-ordered rules and conditions under the supervision of a probation officer. Typical conditions may include performing community service, meeting with your… Continue Reading »