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Experienced Seattle DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys

It used to be that a DUI charge was not the end of a client’s world. They might spend the night in a jail cell to sober up and pay a fine in a worst case scenario. The penalties of being convicted of a DUI are much more severe nowadays. Judges and lawmakers are attacking… Continue Reading »

Protect your Driving Privilege After Charged with DUI in Seattle

After being charged with a DUI in Seattle, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced DUI defense attorney, such as the attorneys at SQ Attorneys. A DUI charge can lead to a hefty fine, loss of your driver’s license, and possibly even jail time. You are supposed to be innocent of a… Continue Reading »

How the Right Attorney Can Help You Fight Sattle DUI Charges

When facing a most difficult charge, such as DUI, people need a skilled, accomplished Seattle attorney. Criminal defense of alcohol-related driving charges require experienced, knowledgeable representation from an attorney who can explain the steps of the process and the possible outcomes of a case. It is also important to consider how the choice of an… Continue Reading »

SQ Attorneys – Helping Seattle's Wrongly Charged

We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously. We live in a country that’s laws are written to protect its citizens. Our judicial system is the best in the world. Still, there are times that same judicial system appears to be flawed or imperfect. This is why our Seattle attorneys work tirelessly for our clients.… Continue Reading »