DUI Conviction and non-admission to Canada

SQ Attorneys DUI Conviction and non-admission to Canada

Entry into Canada – Revoked
DUI Conviction and non-admission to Canada: The Canadian Government has chosen to revoke the admission rights of those individuals convicted of DUI to cross the border into Canada; those individuals convicted of Driving Under the Influence in Washington are not allowed to enter Canada nor are they permitted to remain inside Canadian borders.

Removal of Inadmissible Status
Inadmissibility Status” can be formerly removed by applying for a “Minister’s Approval of Rehabilitation“. However an individual must wait five years after any DUI probation period has ended before he/she can commence the application process for a Minister’s Approval of Rehabilitation.  Effectively, this means that a person convicted of DUI in Washington State must wait at least a period of 10 years before they can even apply for admission into Canada.  This is because in Washington the probationary period for DUI is a minimum of at least two years, and the probation period is generally imposed for at least five year, as authorized by statute.

Exception to General Rule of Inadmissibility
Notwithstanding the above information, some individuals may be authorized to enter Canada under certain circumstances during the “Inadmissibility Status” period.  Those people who desire to enter Canada while deemed “inadmissible” may apply for a “Temporary Resident Permit“; those seeking to enter Canada for a limited period may apply for entry via a Temporary Resident Permit application. The Canadian Government will charge a fee for such application, and it is no guarantee the applicant will be granted admission into Canada.

If you, or a loved one, is facing a DUI charge in Western Washington that can impact your ability to travel to and from Canada, the Seattle criminal attorneys that make up the criminal defense team of SQ Attorneys can help. They are skilled, experienced Seattle DUI attorneys that can protect you from unreasonable convictions, and help you get your life back in order.

**Further information regarding “Inadmissible Status” into Canada can be found at: https://www.international.gc.ca/**