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Domestic Violence 101

Our Washington State government considers domestic violence in Washington State to be a big problem.  As a consequence, it is easy to falsely allege that domestic violence has occurred, and it is virtually impossible to prevent a prosecution for domestic violence once an allegation of domestic violence has been made.  Moreover, what many people do not… Continue Reading »

The Truth About Field Sobriety Tests

The defense of a driving under the influence charge is a highly technical and an extremely difficult undertaking. There are many advantages that a Seattle DUI attorney can bring to a case. Most DUI cases begin with an officer requesting that the defendant take a set of voluntary field sobriety tests (FST). The FST’s are… Continue Reading »

Posting Bail 101

In Washington State there are certain guidelines and procedures for being released from jail in the event a person is booked into jail. A person arrested and charged for a crime in Washington State will either be: (1) released on their “personal recognizance”, or (2) required to “bail out”. Bail is a process wherein a… Continue Reading »

A Minor can be Charged with an Adult DUI in Washington State

Although Washington State deems a minor (a person 21 years of age or younger) to be under the influence of intoxicants when she has a 0.02 blood alcohol level or greater, it is not uncommon for a prosecuting attorney to charge the minor with an adult DUI in Washington State. This is so because in… Continue Reading »

Determining When Your First Court Date is After a DUI Arrest In Washington State

Often after a Washington State DUI arrest law enforcement personnel will release an arrested person, and in some circumstances law enforcement personnel will even give a ride home to the person arrested for DUI in Washington State. Frequently after a Washington State DUI arrest, the person arrested is left wondering when she will have to… Continue Reading »

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Seattle DUI Lawyer?

You spend a nice, relaxing evening with friends and decide to get in your car and drive home for that quick ride home. You feel as if you are okay to drive after waiting an hour or so to sober up, but before you know it, you see flashing lights behind you, and find yourself… Continue Reading »

DUI's and Employment in Washington State

A DUI arrest in Washington State can potentially have a very significant impact on one’s employment status, especially if driving is part of one’s job duties. Even if it is not part of one’s job duties, and the person simply needs to drive to and from work, a DUI arrest in Washington can have devastating… Continue Reading »

Consequences of Rolling the Dice

When a driver is arrested for DUI in Washington State, law enforcement essentially makes her an offer after bringing her to the police station: (1) take a breath test and if it is over a .08 you will lose your driving privilege for at least ninety days, or (2) refuse to take a breath test… Continue Reading »