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Charges can be Defended; It is all in the Strategy

Once a domestic violence call is made to 911, the police are sent to the location of the incident and upon contact one of the parties, by law, will be arrested. The arrest leads to – at a minimum – a night in jail and the likelihood of criminal charges being filed. So … what… Continue Reading »

NCO lasts the Length of A Sentence

In April of this year our Supreme Court ruled that RCW 10.99.050 only authorizes a court of limited jurisdiction (a district or municipal court) to issue a DV no-contact order which lasts for the duration of a defendant’s suspended or deferred sentence. See, Washington v. Granath, Docket Number: 94892-5. The issue arose out of a… Continue Reading »

Hit and Run Basics

This past weekend a 50 year old Seattle man was hit by a pickup truck while riding his bicycle along Rainier Avenue South. The man was hit from behind by a red 1980s model GMC or Chevrolet pickup with a wooden structure built on back. The driver of the truck fled the scene of the… Continue Reading »

Seattle Gun Owners Beware

SQ Attorneys

On July 9, 2018, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved two gun control regulations. These measures relate to the safe storage of firearms, and require residents to pay penalties if they: (1) do not safely store their firearms, or (2) fail to report lost or stolen guns. According to Mayor Durkan’s office, 150,000 adults in… Continue Reading »

House Bill 2661; Domestic Violence Leave Law

House Bill 2661 rolled into effect last month and as such the Domestic Violence Leave Law (‘DVLL’) broadened its scope. The law now requires employers to make accommodations for the safety and security of employees who are victims of domestic violence. To initiate the protection the employee must show that the accommodation doesn’t pose an… Continue Reading »