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Restorative Justice?

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Restorative justice is a form of criminal rehabilitation often cast as an alternative to traditional punishment.  Recently a judge in Oregon applied a form of restorative justice in a case involving a bias-crime charge otherwise known as ‘hate crime’.  The judge in Oregon elected to forego regular punishment and apply restorative punishment against the accused. … Continue Reading »

What are the Penalties for Having a Fake ID?

It’s the weekend, and that means it’s time to go out! Time for mixed drinks and some shots with your friends. The problem is you are still underage. A minor set back! You think you can just ask your older brother, who everyone says looks just like you, if you can borrow his ID for… Continue Reading »

War on Drugs?

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In an effort to take the lead in ending the nation’s ‘war on drugs‘ policy, California introduced a Senate bill earlier this week to decriminalize the possession and personal use of certain psychedelic drugs, such as magic mushrooms and ayahuasca. The bill has the full support and backing of those in the mental health profession… Continue Reading »

Do I Have to Appear for Jury Duty?

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The jury trial system in the United States is one of the most important rights a criminal defendant accused of a crime has as they navigate through the justice system. That being said, very few people want to serve on a jury. Taking time off from work, school, caring for children, or other responsibilities is… Continue Reading »

What are the Sexting Laws for Minors?

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Sexting is a term derived from combining the words “sex” and “texting” and involves sending nude images or suggestive material via your cell phone. It can be a text message or an image that is sent via text. Sexting is not always illegal. Consenting adults can generally exchange sexually explicit images and messages without committing… Continue Reading »

Reckless or Negligent?

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  With the winter firmly now upon us, drivers best take care to ensure that they drive safely on our roadways or face the prospect of being ticketed by law enforcement. One person did not quite understand that principle when they decided to drive for more than 5 miles with both their vehicle and their… Continue Reading »

Unconstitutional Racial Bias in Jury Selection?

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The Washington Supreme Court has become an institutional leader in seeking to eliminate unconstitutional racial bias in our jury selection process. There is no better evidence of this than General Rule 37, which states in its Policy and Purpose section – “the purpose of this rule is to eliminate the unfair exclusion of potential jurors… Continue Reading »

DUI Patrol During the Holidays?

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The holidays have arrived and DUI patrol is out in full force. Facing a charge of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) can be scary. For many people, a drunk driving stop is their first interaction with the criminal justice system. Due to increased drunk driving on… Continue Reading »

Changes to Washington’s Protection Order Laws?

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In July of this year major changes in our civil protection order laws took effect. The laws that pertain to protection orders can now be found at RCW 7.105. Under our new protection order laws, the rules and procedures have become more standardized. Electronic service is now prioritized except in certain delineated cases. Hearings related… Continue Reading »

How Does Bail Work?

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Bail reform has been a hot political issue the last few election cycles. Supporters of cash bail bonds say they provide assurance that defendants will appear in court while others  say that too often, defendants simply can’t afford the bail, and it does little more than criminalize poverty. While a few states have taken steps… Continue Reading »