Am I Able to Legally Rescue Farm Animals?

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In many states it is legal to rescue an animal from a hot car if you observe them suffering. On the other hand, if you try to rescue a farm animal, you could potentially face criminal liability and potentially be charged with theft and/or trespass, or potentially even a felony charge. Animal cruelty laws exist… Continue Reading »

Fare Enforcement Legal?

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Last week the Washington state Supreme Court upheld fare enforcement checks on public transit, but with a twist. It probably should be done by non-law enforcement personnel. Three justices concluded that the role of armed police inside a transit vehicle, telling someone to produce fare and ID, was coercive. Two other justices found a lack… Continue Reading »

Can I Get Fired for Smoking Pot?

There is speculation that marijuana can become legal on the Federal level in the very near future. As marijuana gains increasing acceptance in the U.S., it’s important for users to keep in mind that they can still be fired for pot use, even if it is legal pot. If you are in an impaired condition… Continue Reading »

Illegal Dumping Being Monitored?

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They are watching. But who is ‘they’? The City of Seattle, that’s who. Last week Seattle introduced camera monitoring for illegal dumping. It is part of a newly instituted pilot program. So if you plan to rid yourself of tires, boats, vehicles or appliances, best do it at one of the City’s transfer stations (a.k.a… Continue Reading »

Are Impaired Driving Accidents on the Rise?

It is not your imagination if you notice more traffic crashes on roadways. Total traffic deaths hit a record high in 2021, with 42,915 deaths reported in 2021, over a 10% increase from 2020. The numbers have remained consistent in 2022 with a few more deaths reports. Drunk driving, driving while intoxicated (DWI), or driving… Continue Reading »

Police Pursuit Guidelines to be Expanded?

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Bill 5352, moved out of the senate it is a bill that, if passed into law, would give police more discretion on when they can chase after suspects. Members of many law enforcement agencies have been outspoken in favor of updating the law, arguing that current restrictions give alleged criminals confidence to flee, which, in… Continue Reading »

What are Red Flag Laws?

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Many headlines about mass shootings usually have many similarities. In most cases, family, friends, or acquaintances knew that the perpetrator was a troubled individual. So, gun-control advocates argue, can something be done to ensure disturbed individuals can’t access a gun? In response to the increase in suicides and mass shootings by troubled individuals, many states… Continue Reading »

Do Election Workers Need More Protection?

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Our Washington State Legislature is in the throws of considering a bill that would increase protections for election workers from being harassed. It is House Bill 1241, and it will ensure that threats and harassment suffered by election workers will be handled the same regardless of how they are received, whether by email or directly… Continue Reading »

Can a Parent be Liable for their Child’s Actions?

With Spring break fast approaching, about 1.5 million students will spend their week traveling to popular seaside locations like Cancun, Panama City, and South Padre Island, where they will bask in the sun and consume copious amounts of alcohol. Alcohol goes hand in hand with poor choices. Many parents will learn of the consequences of… Continue Reading »

Stronger Domestic Violence Protections on the Horizon?

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House Bill 1715 is moving forward, as it has now passed out of committee in the Washington State House of Representatives. The bill is aimed at enhancing existing services and protections for domestic violence victims. The main components of the bill include starting up a lethality assessment hotline, strengthening civil protection orders, expanding GPS monitoring… Continue Reading »

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