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Did you know these Washington State DUI Facts?

(1) The legal BAC limit in Washington State for DUI is 0.02 for drivers under age of 21; 0.04 for drivers operating a commercial motor vehicle; and 0.08 for all non-commercial drivers over the age of 21. A BAC of .15 or greater creates enhanced penalties which will apply if the driver is actually convicted of a… Continue Reading »

Uh Oh!! Not A Felony …. ??

Having to deal with a felony charge in Washington can be a complicated, overwhelming, and horrifying experience. Washington is currently a capital punishment state in which a death penalty can be imposed in an aggravated enhanced case. In addition, many criminal offenses can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending upon the circumstances… Continue Reading »

DUI "Criminal" vs. "Administrative" Proceedings

At the time of a DUI arrest in Washington State there are two separate and distinct cases that begin against the person arrested for DUI — a district/ municipal court “criminal” case, and a Department of Licensing “administrative” case. The criminal case includes, among other things, possible jail time, fines and a life time stigma… Continue Reading »

Navigating Through the Criminal Process

Comprehending the basics about the criminal justice system in Washington is probably one of the most important ways for you to protect your rights. Criminal laws involve prosecution by the state or a city, of a person for an action that has been deemed as a crime. Civil cases, on the other hand, include people… Continue Reading »

When a Minor isn’t Minor

A Washington State Minor in Possession (“MIP”) conviction can be (and usually is) very impactful on a youth’s ability to pursue his dreams and aspirations – especially during these trying and difficult economic times. Job competition is tight. Competition to get a quality education is tough. A MIP conviction can impact a minor’s admission into college,… Continue Reading »

Got a D.V. call SQ Attorneys

Domestic violence related crimes in Washington State invariably have a very harsh and very negative impact on the people they are leveled against. Washington citizens charged and/or convicted of domestic violence related crimes can be removed from their home, and have their right to bear firearms taken away; in fact, those folks charged with a… Continue Reading »

A “Penalty” for Your Thoughts

In Washington State DUI cases there isn’t just one criminal penalty a person can face, and the penalties suffered can actually be increased if the person convicted of DUI has prior DUI/ DUI related convictions. A first-time DUI offender whose blood-alcohol concentration is deemed to be at least 0.08 faces the following, if convicted of… Continue Reading »

DUI Reality

A few commonly asked questions that arise when a person is facing a driving under the influence charge in Washington State are: (1) “If I only had one drink, can I be guilty of DUI?; (2) If my breath test result was below the legal limit (.08), can I be guilty of DUI?; or (3)… Continue Reading »

The ABC's of NCO's, PO's and TRO's

When it comes to no contact orders (“NCO’s”) protection orders (“PO’s”) and temporary restraining orders (“TRO’s”), the law is pretty darn clear — if a restraining order of any type has been issued and is in full force and effect, the person it is imposed against must abide by its terms, notwithstanding the person’s relationship… Continue Reading »