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Criminal Lawyers – A Pay Day on the Horizon?

Rough treatment of a black man at the hands of King County Department of Corrections (‘KCDC’) deputies has resulted in not only an acquittal in a criminal trial for assault, but also a civil-rights lawsuit against KCDC and the Kent Police (the arresting agency). If it were not for a video that was finally disclosed… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – Timing is Everything

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Word to the wise, even if you are seemingly acting in self-defense, you may initially be facing criminal charges. This is so because often after a violent incident a full investigation must take place before a prosecutor decides whether the standards outlined in RCW 13.40.077(2) & (4) have been met, or not. A perfect example… Continue Reading »

Criminal Attorneys – Doors Reopen at DOC Facilities

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This week the Washington State Department of Corrections resumed in-person visitations at all of its facilities for spouses, parents, children and other loved ones. Approved visitors must go online to schedule their visit. Initially the visits will be limited to one hour, once per month. The purpose of this limitation is to allow as many… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – A Restart at SMC

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  As the pandemic winds down some courts are starting to reopen for in-person hearings. Case in point, and in accordance with General Administrative Order 2021-02, on May 21, 2021, Seattle Municipal Court (“SMC”) intends to allow in-person appearances for all out-of-custody criminal cases and contested infraction hearings. Of course, unless directly ordered to appear… Continue Reading »

Policing to Change, Or is it?

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  During this past legislative session, the Washington State Legislature passed several bills focused on policing. The bills are as follows: (1) HB 1054; (2) HB 1310; (3) HB 1267; and (4) SB 5055. HB 1054 imposes restrictions on the use of tear gas, bans choke-holds and neck restraints, bans vehicular pursuits excepting specific scenarios,… Continue Reading »