Do I Lose My Right to Vote as a Convicted Felon?

The United States constitution gives fundamental rights to all citizens of this great county. One of the fundamental rights of being an American citizen is getting your voice heard by voting to elect your representatives. But as of 2022 a little over six million citizens can not vote because of a felony conviction(s).

One of the most debated issues in American politics is whether or not a citizen with a felony conviction be allowed to vote. While some say people who do not obey the law should not have a say in how the law is legislated, others argue that individuals with felonies should be allowed to vote since they are subject to all the obligations imposed by the government.

The answer to whether someone with a felony conviction is allowed to vote is determined by the State they reside in. Despite what you may think, there is no federal law that addresses a citizen’s ability to vote. Thus, for now, states determine voting rights for both state and federal elections.

Most believe that felons are permanently lose their voting rights. That is not the case, however. State laws vary significantly when it comes to felon voting. For example, in Washington state, upon a felony conviction, your voting rights are taken away, only until that right is reinstated by the order of the sentencing court. Each state may have their own rules pertaining to whether the right can be reinstated or not.

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