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No Contact Means NO CONTACT!

A “no contact order” means that the defendant is precluded from having any contact and or communication with the victim or the person under the protection of the no contact order. This includes but is not limited to letters, emails, text messages or messages delivered through a third party. If faced with a criminal charge… Continue Reading »

The Complexity of Complicity

RCW 9A.08.020 is Washington State’s complicity statute. Under RCW 9A.08.020 a person is “complicit” – and thus guilty of a crime – if he is an “accomplice” of a person that commits a crime. A person is an “accomplice” if, with knowledge that he is promoting or facilitating the commission of a crime, he aids… Continue Reading »

No Canada Ehh??

Many convictions in the U.S., including DUI and Reckless driving, can make a person inadmissible to Canada for many, many years. This is because criminal inadmissibility is based on how the equivalent offense is treated in Canada, not in the country where the conviction occurred. That is why it is important to contact a Seattle… Continue Reading »

DUI Laws Stand to Get Tougher in Washington and Beyond

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) – a non-profit organization that has for the past thirty years advocated for tougher DUI laws – is vigorously lobbying Congress for $60 million to develop a system that would prevent cars from starting if the driver of the vehicle is intoxicated. MADD is lobbying Congress to pass an amendment… Continue Reading »

Sting Operations

In the Internet era, there has been a proliferation of escort Web sites and directories. Some of the most common being Eros, tnaboard, Craig’s List, The Erotic Review. Men of all backgrounds and professions frequent these sites and contact escorts for companionship. In Washington, if caught hiring an escort in exchange for sexual contact, one… Continue Reading »

The Law is the Law; Resist the Temptation to Resist

Resisting arrest in Washington State is generally considered to be an act that involves intentionally preventing a law enforcement officer from instigating an arrest, a search, or transport of a person by using force against a law enforcement officer. The actual “resistance” required to qualify for resisting arrest is an intentional act that prevents an… Continue Reading »

McKenna Elected

On Tuesday, November 2, 2010, City of Seattle Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ed McKenna (who was rated as “very good” by the Municipal League of King County, and “exceptionally well qualified” by the King County Bar Association) was elected to be a Seattle Municipal Court judge. Mr. McKenna resoundingly defeated incumbent Seattle Municipal Court Judge Edsonya… Continue Reading »

Commit a Crime, Serve the Time

For those who have never before faced criminal charges, an arrest can be a frightening experience. The stress and anxiety of an arrest may cause you, your family members or friends to overlook important factors, such as the right to remain silent and the right to consult with a lawyer. During and after arrest, it… Continue Reading »

Crimes of Moral Turpitude will Result in Deportation

If you are in the US on a visa, it is even more imperative that you follow the laws and avoid any criminal charges. Any criminal charge against you can serve as grounds to revoke your visa and have you deported back to your native country. If you find yourself in a this situation, contact… Continue Reading »