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Tougher DUI laws in Washington and Beyond

Around the world, not just in Washington State, DUI laws are becoming tougher. Case in point, Russian legislators called Tuesday for stronger measures against drunken driving after a gruesome weekend accident in which a car crashed into a bus stop at 125 mph, killing seven people — five of them teenagers with learning disabilities, the… Continue Reading »

Recent Change to Washington State DUI Law

In March of this year Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law Substitute House Bill 2443. The same took effect last month. Among other things, the new law modified the penalty phase of a DUI conviction as it relates to home detention (also known as electronic home monitoring – “EHM”). For many people, one of the… Continue Reading »

Reductions From DUI to Reckless Driving No Longer Result in Additional License Suspensions

Whenever a person is arrested for a DUI and there is either a breath or blood test over the legal limit or an allegation of a refusal to give a breath or a blood sample, there are two different legal proceedings that occur. First, there is a criminal proceeding through the criminal courts. Second, there… Continue Reading »

DOL Hearing Request Fees to Increase

In Washington State, the Department of Licensing is authorized to administratively suspend, revoke or otherwise deny an individual’s driver’s license for potentially up to – under certain specific circumstances – four years if arrested for DUI/ Physical Control. This is true even if the criminal case related to the incident giving rise to the administrative… Continue Reading »

Potential Outcomes in a Washington State DUI Case

There are many potential outcomes in any Washington DUI case. Below is a short list of some of the possible outcomes for someone facing a DUI charge in Washington State. The list is not exclusive, but does give a broad overview of what might happen to someone facing a Washington DUI. The first possible outcome… Continue Reading »