Monthly Archives: April 2017

Tether at your Own Risk

You tie up or tether a dog in Washington State and you could soon be facing a hefty penalty. Currently, Washington doesn’t have animal cruelty penalties for tethering or tying up dogs. That is about to change. The new statute allows animal care and control officers to issue warnings or civil infractions for inhumane animal… Continue Reading »

The Gov’t Calls the Shots in DV Matters

Domestic violence in the State of Washington can be virtually any criminal act committed by a “family or household member” against another, including, but not necessarily limited to, Assault, Manslaughter, Murder, Reckless Endangerment, Coercion, Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Property Damage, Kidnapping, Interfering with the reporting of Domestic Violence, Rape, Violation of a Protection Order, Stalking, Cyber… Continue Reading »

DUI Equals Impound of Your Car

Several years back, the landscape of vehicle impounds in Washington State DUI arrests had a seismic shift. Prior to July 22, 2011, law enforcement had the discretion to decide whether to impound a DUI suspect’s car. Many variables went into an officer’s decision (department policy, attitude of the suspect, level of inebriation etc). On July… Continue Reading »

Distracted Driving Patrols Out in Force

It has been a hot topic in the local news lately – distracted driving. There has been a consistent effort by all branches of the government to curb the habit of drivers to use their cellular devices while on our roadways. The law enforcement arm of government is now on the clock. Police departments across… Continue Reading »