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Can I Get in Trouble Driving with Autopilot?

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Late last year, California apparently became the first state in our union to file felony charges against someone for operating a vehicle while on Autopilot. Autopilot is a Tesla automated driving system. The incident took place in 2019. The vehicle at issue was – in fact – a Tesla. The Tesla ran a red light,… Continue Reading »

Can I Sue for Excessive Force?

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Often times, when a defendant is arrested, excessive force is used. The question that arises is whether a criminal defendant can sue the officer and/or his police agency for excessive force? The simple answer is, yes, you can sue the police officers who used excessive force but it is an uphill battle. In some situations,… Continue Reading »

Infringement of Rights?

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The right to counsel, it is a constitutional right. A right given to all of us under the sixth amendment. That right, unfortunately, is apparently being somewhat challenged in Oregon, as the state has only roughly thirty-one percent of the public defense attorneys it needs to provide reasonably effective assistance to low income/ indigent defendants.… Continue Reading »

What is Domestic Violence in Washington?

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Domestic violence laws differ from state to state. Washington state law defines domestic violence as any criminal act committed by a “family or household member” against another. Domestic violence includes five primary categories of abusive behaviors: physical violence, emotional abuse, sexual assault, economic control and neglect. Crimes associated with domestic violence usually includes assault but… Continue Reading »

What Minor Traffic Laws Won’t be Enforced in Seattle?

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As social justice policies continue to develop in Seattle, it has been confirmed that enforcement of some Seattle crimes will be softened. No longer will (1) failing to wear a bicycle helmet, (2) driving with expired tabs, (3) driving a vehicle without a front license plate, or (4) driving with items hanging from one’s rearview… Continue Reading »

Am I liable for my dog attacking another person?

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Seattle is known to have many dog owners. There are pet-friendly businesses all around the State. Everyone and everything is pet-friendly these days. But what happens when a Seattlelite gets bitten by a canine? Washington state law is fairly clear. A  dog attack can be very serious even if it is from a small dog.… Continue Reading »

How Will Restorative Justice Impact Crime?

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‘Restorative justice’ is the name of the game for juvenile offenders in King County. At least that is what one King County prosecutor recently told a group of South Sound law enforcement officials – no jail time for juveniles suspected of committing crime in King County, even violent crime. Check out RCW 13.40.070. It is… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – How Do I Hire a Lawyer?

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We here at SQ Attorneys focus our legal practice on criminal defense. As you meet with lawyers and ultimately decide on who to retain, it’s important that you review any agreements before signing on. Usually, an attorney will have a representation or fee agreement that will outline the terms of the attorney-client relationship and the… Continue Reading »

A Crazy DUI tale?

Officers can sometimes come upon some crazy situations when pulling a driver over for DUI. The proof is in the pudding, as they say … or in one recent DUI stop in Pennsylvania … the proof was in the trunk – a live deer! Say what?? The Newberry Township officer stopped the vehicle last week.… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – Back to Basics: Search and Seizure Laws

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  Let’s get back to basics and discuss when a police officer can search your vehicle. The Fourth Amendment’s protection against unlawful search and seizure makes random police car searches illegal. If the police search your car without your permission or a valid reason, they are violating your constitutional rights. Typically, an officer must have… Continue Reading »