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What is Accomplice Liability?

In criminal law, complicity is the act of assisting, encouraging, or soliciting another individual to commit a crime. Common law refers to this as aiding and abetting. One who is complicit in committing criminal conduct is an accomplice. Although an accomplice does not actually commit the crime, their actions help someone in the commission of the… Continue Reading »

What Will be the Impact of New Public Use Ordinance?

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Seattle law enforcement personnel started enforcing the new public drug use ordinance Continue Reading »

What is Double Jeopardy?

In criminal law, “double jeopardy” refers to protections that prohibits the government to not prosecute someone in criminal court more than once for the same offense. Double jeopardy protects defendants from the constant threat of prosecution after a court decides a case. Double jeopardy has a long history in criminal law. It is based on the Fifth Amendment to the U.S.… Continue Reading »

Ghost Guns Legal?

The United States Supreme Court again reiterated what it had said just two short months ago – while appeals rage, President Biden’s administration can continue to regulate ‘ghost guns.’ Continue Reading »

What is a No-Contact Order?

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No-contact orders typically belong between family law and criminal law. A no-contact order is usually the result of allegations of domestic violence, although they can arise in other circumstances such as stalking, harassment and/or during a pending divorce. The recipient of a no-contact order may not fully understand what it entails. Does no contact include… Continue Reading »

Ticket Expired?

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Nearly 100,000 automatic (camera) traffic tickets issued in Seattle for school zone and at red light violations were never reviewed by the Seattle Police Department. Continue Reading »

What is a Right to a Speedy Trial?

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  The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees each and ever criminal defendant the right to a speedy trial by an impartial jury. Criminal defendants must be brought to a public trial for their alleged crimes within a reasonably short time after a police officer arrests them. The Sixth Amendment also guarantees that, before being convicted of most crimes, the defendant… Continue Reading »

Why did SPD drop Body Camera Footage Program?

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Seattle Police Department canceled their contract with a firm that analyzes body camera video footage Continue Reading »