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How Serious/ Very Serious

How serious is a domestic violence related charge? This is a question commonly inquired about when someone initially calls SQ Attorneys. The answer is that a domestic violence allegation is incredibly serious and can be a misdemeanor, a gross misdemeanor or even a felony; if the person is arrested (which is often the case when… Continue Reading »

Pet Friendly Haven Granted

Just a quick reminder that domestic violence is taken extremely serious in Washington State. This is so regardless of how small or insignificant someone may think the incident is, or whether someone is actually physically, or even emotionally, injured. The government is always looking at ways to curb domestic violence and protect the aggrieved party;… Continue Reading »


What is a crime involving moral turpitude (‘CIMT’)? Generally speaking, there is not an enumerated list of CIMT. That said, ‘moral turpitude’ is generally defined as conduct that “is inherently base, vile, depraved, and contrary to accepted rules of morality and the duties owed to other persons, either individually or to society in general.” In… Continue Reading »

No You Cannot Come In!

Recently SQ Attorneys has been receiving inquiries about one’s safety from police invasion into their living space. In other words, ‘do I have to let the police into my home’? It seems most folks think the answer is ‘yes’, if they are asked, they must permit an officer into their abode. Well, the answer is… Continue Reading »

Crime? Don't delay, Hire a Criminal Lawyer

Many folks ask us at SQ Attorneys — when do I really need a criminal defense lawyer? Well, it is a good idea to hire an experienced Seattle criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible when contacted by police about a crime. This is so whether the contact occurs while ‘in the act’, or when… Continue Reading »

Insurance and DUI's

If you get caught driving under the influence, the ticket itself is sadly not the only price you will pay. Drivers who are arrested for DUI in Washington State often end up paying attorney fees, alcohol education and evaluation costs, court fees, costs, and assessments and even increased car insurance rates/ premiums. Often one of… Continue Reading »