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To Speak or not to Speak… that is the question??

What are the infamous “MIRANDA WARNINGS” that we all hear about on the TV and in the Movies? Miranda Warnings are the “heads up” that law enforcement is required to give so as to put a person suspected of committing crime on notice that his statements might incriminate him. Prior to any criminal interrogation, a… Continue Reading »

To Defer or not to Defer, that is the Question

A DUI “arrest” in Washington State may result in very harsh and undesirable consequences if the driver arrested is “convicted” of the crime in a Washington State court of law. One way to avoid a DUI conviction is to enter (and successfully complete) a “Deferred Prosecution,” as authorized by Revised Code of Washington 10.05. Below… Continue Reading »

Dishonesty Crimes…Don’t do it!

Being charged with a property crime in Washington (such as Theft or Possession of Stolen Property) is embarrassing and has the possibility of significantly impacting a person’s personal and professional life. This is so because these types of crimes are considered “crimes of dishonesty”. At SQ Attorneys we have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds through continuous,… Continue Reading »

Bearing Arms, Constitutionally Guaranteed!

Firearms and/or weapons Investigations generally fall into two basic, fundamental categories: (1) illegal possession of a firearm or (2) illegal delivery or distribution of a firearm. Cases that involve firearms and/or weapons violations may include, but certainly are not limited to, juvenile and/or adult gang violence, armed robbery, drug crimes or just plain old illegal… Continue Reading »

Request a Hearing or Guarantee a License Loss

If arrested for Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) in Washington State, a person will know if he is facing a driver’s license “suspension” (anything less than a year) or “revocation” (one year or more) if his license has an asterisks punched in it by the officer who made the arrest.  The officer will most likely… Continue Reading »

Field Sobriety Tests 101

The defense of a driving under the influence charge is a highly technical and an extremely difficult undertaking. There are many advantages that a Seattle DUI attorney can bring to a case. Most DUI cases begin with an officer requesting that the defendant take a set of voluntary field sobriety tests (FST). The FST’s are… Continue Reading »

Ignition That – SHB 2742

It seems that the Washington State Legislature makes changes to our DUI laws virtually every year. Year 2011 is going to be no different. Substitute House Bill (“SHB”) 2742 makes significant changes to Washington State DUI laws by modifying our ignition interlock device statute. Washington State’s current ignition interlock statute(s) provide that during a license… Continue Reading »