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Shamefully Out-Foxed

As the saying goes – ‘what comes around goes around.’ And this concept was no better proven than this past weekend when a man in Kennewick, Washington ironically had his car stolen … while he himself was allegedly burglarizing a local business establishment. Now how do you like them apples? As the story goes, on… Continue Reading »

Too Cool for School

SQ Attorneys

When might it be a crime to be a parent? Well, a Marysville dad recently found out the answer to that curious question; in short, being a ‘cool dad’ may not always be the best choice. So what happened to get pops in hot water? He let his 14 year old son drive his car.… Continue Reading »

A Shoe on the Other Foot

In a touch of irony, a man who is entrusted to uphold the laws of our state, and keep our state’s citizens safe, was himself arrested over the weekend.  It happened in Des Moines where an off duty Renton Police Officer allegedly assaulted a woman who he claims was his ‘informant’.  He was said to be… Continue Reading »

Conviction be Gone with You

As most of us all know, Marijuana use is now legal in Washington State, with some minor limitations. This wasn’t always the case, obviously. In fact, prior to 2012, it was illegal to possess, sale or use Marijuana; the possession, sale and/or use of Marijuana could result in a criminal conviction. That has changed, and… Continue Reading »