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Budgetary Hogwash

An interesting article in the Seattle Times today claimed that Washington State’s 39 counties are draining their budgets by fighting crime and keeping their communities clean. See ‘Washington counties struggling with criminal-justice costs’ (hereinafter, the ‘Article’). According to the Article, counties spend about $120 million annually just to cover the cost of indigent defense in… Continue Reading »

The crackdown is evident, here is why

Why is the prosecution ‘cracking down’ on DUI’s? Why have things gotten so difficult to negotiate in the DUI world over the past several years? Why are so many DUI cases being set for trial and being litigated without any meaningful negotiations taking place between the prosecution and the defense? And why are so many… Continue Reading »

Don't Despair, Hire an Attorney

Theft or shoplifting charges in Washington State can be a felony if the property in question is valued at more than $750, or a gross misdemeanor (3rd Degree Theft) if less than $750. Since theft is considered to be a crime of moral turpitude, a conviction can result in employment termination or prevent future employment… Continue Reading »

The Unfortunate Consequence

Some Washington gross misdemeanor crimes require that a person be immediately booked into custody, namely (1) domestic violence charges and (2) second offense DUI’s that occur within a ten year period of time. Under Washington law these crimes require that a person see a judge before she can be released from custody. God forbid the… Continue Reading »

DV Awareness Front and Center

The Women’s World Cup is – as they say – in the books. What a phenomenal victory and stellar performance by the US Women’s National Team. And with such accolades comes a platform for public awareness. Hope Solo, the US goal keeper and current Seattle Reign player, is ensuring her voice is heard with regard… Continue Reading »