Monthly Archives: August 2011

Rubber Stamping Battle Continues

Seattle police have found that drunken-driving arrests were routinely rubber-stamped or falsely certified without approval by a supervisor, prompting one defendant to ask a judge to dismiss his case or suppress the arresting officer’s testimony. The department launched an internal investigation in March after an audit revealed the mishandling of dozens of driving-under-the-influence (DUI) cases.… Continue Reading »

State DUI Website up and Running

Washington State DUI numbers are on the rise, and Washington’s laws against drunk driving are continuing to get tougher. In an effort to reduce DUI numbers and to educate drivers, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission has created a website that permits people in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties to see exactly when and where DUI… Continue Reading »

License Suspended? Re-Licensing Program to the Rescue

Nearly 300,000 Washington drivers have had their licenses suspended for not paying multiple traffic tickets, and if they want to get them back, they have to run a gauntlet that includes collection agents and a patchwork system of courts. Many have now turned to King County re-licensing court to begin to dig out of the… Continue Reading »

Arrested for DUI? Get your Car Impounded!

Those arrested for drunken driving will see their cars impounded in a new law that went into effect last Friday. If arrested for a DUI contact your Seattle DUI Lawyer at SQ Attorneys immediately. There also is a mandatory 12-hour hold at towing companies before a vehicle can be released. It’s all part of a… Continue Reading »

WSP Named Top Agency for DUI Arrests

The Washington State Patrol has been named by its peers as the top agency in North America when it comes to getting drunk drivers off the road, WSP announced on Friday. The award from the International Association of Chiefs of Police recognizes an agency’s “year-round efforts to detect and apprehend impaired drivers and to address… Continue Reading »

Seafair BUI/ DUI Emphasis Patrols this Weekend

The sun is out, it is the beginning of August and Seafair weekend is upon us yet again; tis’ the season for increased BUI/ DUI emphasis patrols. As in years past, Washington State law-enforcement agencies will be patrolling Lake Washington, and targeting highways and streets leading to and from all Seafair events. They will be… Continue Reading »

Seafair Emphasis Patrol Begins!

Numerous agencies will once again use Mercer Island as their base for the annual emphasis DUI patrols on the roads and in the water for the Seafair hydroplane races and air show next weekend. A temporary 60-foot dock is being installed at Proctor Landing as part of the facilities set up for the weekend. Also… Continue Reading »