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Oh So That’s How Charges Are Brought Forward

Every day, the media reports on big high profile criminal trials that make for great TV drama. We watch movies and TV shows depicting intense, exaggerated trials but the beginning of a trial is often left off of the script. One may often wonder how charges are actually brought and what happens between the arrest… Continue Reading »

Pot Use and Driving

We all know about the government’s crackdown on DUI’s in Washington, and we all know that pot use was recently legalized here in Washington. Now the two are intertwined more than ever before. Recent data from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission appears to evidence that the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes with THC… Continue Reading »

From Subway Hero to Zero; Subway Pitchman Being Sentenced

Today, Jared Fogle, the pitchman for Subway is scheduled to plead guilty to a number of sex offenses, from possession of child pornography to having sex with minors. The standard prison sentence which he is scheduled to face pursuant to his plea deal is between five to 13 years, where the prosecutor will be asking… Continue Reading »

What is the Purpose of Probation?

When you are convicted and sentenced for a crime you generally are put on probation. The purpose of probation is to permit the court an opportunity to oversee you for a period of time, and to ensure that you stay out of trouble. In essence, it is the ‘carrot and stick’ approach to doing business.… Continue Reading »

Sentencing Explained

After a defendant is convicted or pleads guilty, a judge will decide on the appropriate punishment during the sentencing phase of a criminal case. This is otherwise known as the sentence. Sentencing for criminal offenses can range from probation and community service to prison and even the death penalty.  Sentencing usually takes place almost immediately… Continue Reading »

New DUI Laws on the Horizon … Again

New DUI legislation (HB1276) is going into effect on September 26, 2015. As usual, the government is ratcheting things down in our DUI arena, and continues to be tough on folks driving while impaired. That said, there are some benefits under the bill for those cited for DUI. The bill extends eligibility for the ignition… Continue Reading »

I Want To Speak to My Lawyer: Right To Counsel Explained

Recently, the Washington State Supreme Court, in State v. Fedorov, affirmed a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol where a police officer remained in a room while a defendant was a on a telephone call with a lawyer before consenting to a breath test. The Court held that the rule-based right to counsel… Continue Reading »

Get off the Road!

We all know accidents happen, big and small. But with our severely congested roadways, it is what happens after the accident that really matters. To shore up a big problem, Seattle could soon follow state law by requiring drivers to get their banged-up cars off the Seattle streets after a collision. Why? To save everyone… Continue Reading »