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Multi-Language DV Awareness Campaign Initiated

And … the crackdown on domestic violence related crimes continues in Seattle. On October 22, 2015 the Seattle City Mayor’s Office joined Clear Channel Outdoor and the Multi-lingual Access Project to unveil a campaign (in five languages, no less —English, Spanish, Amharic, Vietnamese and Somali) to combat domestic violence in Seattle. The intent of the… Continue Reading »

How Can I Erase A Criminal Conviction From My Record?

Have you been convicted of a crime and are hoping to get it cleared off your record? That process is known as an “expungement.” Expungement is a court-ordered processing which the legal record of an arrest or a criminal conviction is “sealed,” or erased in the eyes of the law. When a conviction is expunged,… Continue Reading »

A Multitude of Ways, Not Just One

Undoubtedly, Washington State drivers are aware of the legal limits for alcohol (.08) and Marijuana (5.00)  above which driving is illegal. What many folks probably don’t know, however, is that a person can be charged and convicted of DUI regardless of whether there is a breath or blood test result, and even if there is… Continue Reading »

Can I Get A Lawyer??

So you have been charged with a crime and now you are in need of an attorney? A criminal defendant’s right to an attorney is found in the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which requires the “assistance of counsel” for the accused in all criminal prosecutions. This means that a defendant has a constitutional… Continue Reading »

Help! Can a Bonding Company Bail Me Out??

Many defendants lack the financial means to post their own bail. To secure release, they may contract a commercial bond agent to act as surety for the bond. The agent posts bail after collecting a nonrefundable fee typically 10 percent in Washington, from the defendant or family or friends. Assuming the defendant does not have… Continue Reading »

Why no Dismissal?

People charged with domestic violence related crimes often don’t understand why their case is not NCF’d (no complaint filed) or summarily dismissed if the alleged victim is not ‘on board’ with prosecution. In other words, if the alleged victim does not want the case to move forward, and has expressly told the prosecution the same, why… Continue Reading »

DVPT … what the heck is it?

Many folks we meet with for domestic violence related crimes ask, ‘what is this Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment (‘DVPT’) program the prosecutor keeps talking about?’ Well, in Washington State if a person gets convicted at trial for a domestic violence related crime, that person will most likely be required to attend and complete a certified… Continue Reading »

Were My Rights Violated By The Arresting Officer?

Did you get arrested recently? Are you feeling as if your rights have been violated? The fact of the matter is, when the police arrest someone, they take away that person’s fundamental right to freedom. As a result there are several procedures the police must follow before they can make a legal arrest so that… Continue Reading »