Monthly Archives: April 2012

Movement to Renew and Revise the VAWA

Criminal laws are always influx and are forever changing. Case in point, on April 26, 2012, the US Senate sent the House a bill to renew and extend the Violence Against Women Act. The bill intends to cover: (1) gay men and undocumented immigrants who are abused by spouses or partners; and (2) children and the elderly… Continue Reading »

A DUI Doesn't have to be Career Ending

Getting a DUI doesn’t have to ruin a person’s life; there is life after a DUI conviction. Making efforts to ensure positive things happen is the key. Sandra Husk, a woman with a 12 year old drunk driving arrest, is making such an effort. She is in the running (with three other finalists) to become… Continue Reading »

Hit and Run or Run and Hit

In Washington State the crime of hit and run can come in many different forms. There is (1) hit and run of property, (2) hit and run of an attended (occupied) vehicle, and (3) hit and run of an unattended (unoccupied) vehicle. Often, hit and run cases involve odd, quirky facts. Case in point, on… Continue Reading »

Changes to Domestic Violence Laws Afoot?

This past Monday the state’s top elected Democrats arrived into town to make a case for federal legislation that would expand anti-domestic-violence services to underserved populations in and around the state. In a news conference at the offices of the King County sheriff, U.S. Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell urged Senate colleagues to renew… Continue Reading »

6 year Sentence in Fatal DUI Crash

An 18 year old woman who was recently convicted for driving under the influence, crashing her car, and killing three of her best friends, has been sentenced to nearly six years in prison. The families of the three victims are outraged, and believe that despite the judge’s refusal to follow the 18 year old’s plea agreement,… Continue Reading »