Monthly Archives: November 2014

Portable Breath Test for Marijuana on the Way?

The State of Washington has long had an ability to legally test a person’s breath for alcohol. Now it is searching for ways to test a person’s breath for Marijuana. Currently a team at Washington State University is feverishly working to develop a breath test that could quickly determine whether a driver is under the… Continue Reading »

The Right Judge Could Make all the Difference

Recently Greg and I were asked if a case could be moved to another court, or at least could a new judge be appointed to the case. Well … moving the case to a different court house was probably not in the cards, but getting a new judge … that possibly could have been done. Why? Well there is… Continue Reading »

SR that 22; Darn License Suspensions!

When a person is cited for DUI in Washington State, he faces the prospect of losing his privilege to drive. If the person is ‘convicted’ in a criminal court for DUI he will lose his privilege to drive in Washington, and if he either (1) losses an administrative hearing held by the Department of Licensing,… Continue Reading »

Electronic Tickets Coming to Seattle

By sometime this next Summer a new ticketing system will be up and running in Seattle; Seattle police, in short order, will no longer be writing traffic tickets per se, but rather will be using an electronic system to dole out and/ or issue traffic tickets. Law enforcement agents in Seattle claim the new electronic ticketing system… Continue Reading »

Restoration of Rights

Although in Washington you have the right to have a court restore your right to possess firearms if you have a conviction for a domestic-violence misdemeanor, federal law authorities do not recognize such a court order. Thus, an individual could be in a position where his possession of firearms does not violate Washington state law,… Continue Reading »

Do Not Eat the Evidence!

Note to self – eating DUI evidence is probably not going to solve my problem; the government can still proceed on criminal charges against me. Apparently a DUI suspect in New York thought otherwise. According to NYPD, a 40 year old man is now facing multiple criminal charges after he tried to eat his DUI… Continue Reading »