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Why Can't my DV Case just be Dismissed?

We at SQ Attorneys are often asked by potential clients: (1) why prosecutors simply don’t understand that what someone may allege is not necessarily the truth; (2) why would a prosecutor pursue a case when justice would dictate that it be summarily dismissed; and (3) why can’t we just explain the truth and have the… Continue Reading »

Tragedies Lead to Potential Changes in State DUI Laws

The new effort to combat drunk driving in our state is getting the fast track at the Capitol. Gov. Jay Inslee wants tougher penalties and more use of ignition interlock systems. And the increased attention to the issue all stems from recent horrific incidents involving repeat drunk drivers. It oftentimes takes tragedies to get lawmakers… Continue Reading »

The Ever Changing Landscape of Washington DUI Law

According to the Washington State Patrol, there are about 40,000 DUI arrests a year, half made by the patrol, the other half by local law enforcement officials. In 2011 there were 454 traffic accident fatalities, 199 in which a driver was impaired by either drugs or alcohol. Of that 199, 135 were impaired by alcohol… Continue Reading »

To Infringe or not to Infringe on our 5th Amendment Rights, That is the Question

On April 17, 2013 the United States Supreme Court will take up the question of whether prosecutors may use in their case-in-chief a defendant’s silence during police questioning before an arrest and before being “Miranda-ized” – even when the defendant does not take the stand in his own defense. The case they are hearing to… Continue Reading »

Stricter Laws Forthcoming?

Are even tougher DUI laws on the way? Most likely the answer is, “yes”. After two March DUI related fatalities that involved grandparents, a mother and an 11 day old baby, lawmakers are again weighing-in on how to respond to DUI offenders. As all DUI attorneys know, lawmakers have steadily stiffened penalties for drunken driving… Continue Reading »