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If you’re in the forces, let the force of SQ Attorneys be with you

If you’re in the US military services as either a marine, soldier, sailor, airman or coast guardsmen then you’ll no doubt be aware that a dishonorable discharge from service can have resounding stigmatic effects on your future life, both in a personal way and in a professional capacity. Understandably it will feel like there are… Continue Reading »

How a Renton DUI Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Being charged with a DUI in Renton can be an overwhelming experience. Worrying about how it might affect your future and the costs associated with your case can be a strain on you and your loved ones. The best strategy for successfully fighting a DUI case in Renton is to have representation that specializes in… Continue Reading »

Classification of Sexual Offences on Washington State – Part 2

Tacoma Criminal Attorneys continue to highlight what constitutes the various sexual offences, herewith a breakdown of those classifications according to Washington State law and the ins and outs of sex offender registration requirements. Sex Offender Registration in Washington State As in most place the laws that govern Washington sex registration are enormously multifaceted. Anyone who… Continue Reading »

Where to Find Experienced Everett Attorneys

When faced with legal issues, it’s important to find the most qualified attorney to represent you. Knowing where to look for the best Everett attorneys is the first step to take when you are dealing with a legal matter, whether it is a DUI case, personal property matter, or criminal charges. It’s critical to move… Continue Reading »

Classification of Sexual Offenses in Washington State – Part 1

There are no two ways to put it, sexual offenses, quite understandably, carry a major taboo. In the event that you or someone close to you is charged with a sexual offence or being investigated for a sex-related crime the implications are serious. You could face grave penalties such as a life term in custody.… Continue Reading »

Fighting Your Case with Bellevue DUI Attorneys

Being involved in a DUI in Washington State can be a difficult and lengthy process. It’s important to understand your rights and the legal process before you begin fighting your case to insure that you have the best possible chance for a positive outcome. Finding the right Bellevue DUI attorney to fight a DUI case… Continue Reading »

Domestic Violence in Washington State – Seattle Lawyers Dispel the Myths

The term Domestic Violence is one which brings certain images and ideas to mind. Perhaps the most common perception is that of physical violence inflicted upon one person by another. One of the more commonly held views is that this sort of violence involves a husband as the perpetrator and the wife as the victim.… Continue Reading »

Sensitive Handling of Criminal Cases by Washington State Attorneys

Arguably the most controversial subject matter, when it comes to internet crime, is the exploitation of minors or child pornography. Sadly, underage online users are vulnerable, and not always able to detect when they are receiving attention from an undesirable source. Naturally, the laws that are in place are put there in order to offer… Continue Reading »

Where to Look for the Best Bellevue Criminal Defense Attorney

Looking for the best Bellevue criminal defense attorney can be a daunting task. Whether you are the person being charged with a crime, or you are a family member or spouse, finding the right attorney to help you fight a criminal case is critical to the outcome. Whether the charges include possible jail time or… Continue Reading »

Finding a Good and Affordable Seattle Lawyer

Seattle, like any other state, has its share of excellent lawyers, but the real question is always the affordability. Whether the case is a divorce settlement, a DUI or even a medical malpractice, finding good lawyers who don’t charge exorbitant fees is a huge challenge. There are some steps however that you must employ in… Continue Reading »