Monthly Archives: October 2013

Screws are Tightening on King County DV Cases

Recently King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg voiced his concern that he believed that domestic-violence cases are receiving inadequate attention in King County because Seattle police shifted investigation duties of apparent misdemeanor DV offenses from detectives to patrol officers. Satterberg alleged in a 2014 letter to the King County Counsel that the change hindered misdemeanor investigations… Continue Reading »

A Pricey Pee in King County

It is official! In King County no one over the age of 12 is allowed to urinate in public. Previously seventeen cities within King County had local laws against public urination and defecation. As of Monday, in an effort to cover the unincorporated, rural parts of the county, the Metropolitan King County Council adopted legislation… Continue Reading »

Kitsap County Prosecutor Arrested for DUI

Kitsap County Deputy Prosecutor Barbara O. Dennis was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after a rear-end collision Wednesday in Poulsbo. The Washington State Patrol says Dennis was booked into the Kitsap County Jail. She posted bail and was released. Kitsap County Prosecutor Russ Hauge has referred the case to Pierce County to avoid any… Continue Reading »

New DUI Laws in Effect

There were a lot of changes this past Legislative session with regard to our Washington state DUI laws; there were some significant changes in Washington State’s DUI laws that every resident and driver in Washington State should understand and become familiar with. The new laws went into effect on September 28, 2013. Some of these new laws are as follows:… Continue Reading »

Tragedies Cause Increased Awareness

The attorneys at SQ attorneys frequently get asked why Washington DUI laws appear to be so draconian.  After all, many, if not most, people that get arrested for DUI do not have any criminal history and they are stopped after having a few drinks with friends over dinner, or while watching a sporting event or… Continue Reading »